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Residents and travelers love Nevada for its rich desert landscapes and easy access to the Sierra Nevada range. Nevada is one of the more affordable states, with a pro-business environment, making it a perfect location for fresh opportunities. Nevada is a 40-hour drive along Interstate 80 from New Jersey, and flights between the two states are an average of five hours. According to U.S. News, the state ranks first in infrastructure and sixth in the economy, making it stand out as a place for opportunity. The economic growth in this state is solid and promising opportunities for residents. Warm weather and plenty of sunlight help make a move to this state even more enticing.

If you're thinking of making a move to Nevada from New Jersey, some research will help you before you embark on your journey. Here is some of the most helpful information we have found about settling in the Silver State.

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What Should You Know Before Moving from New Jersey to Nevada?

Trading the Garden State for the Silver State can be quite an adventure. Regardless of whether you've visited Nevada a lot or fell in love with this state after one or two visits, the state has a lot going for it. Before you head out on your big move, here are some things helpful for you to know:

You'll Enjoy a Variety of

Beautiful Landscapes

Even though it is host to bustling, active cities, Nevada offers plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. Travel Nevada highlights the fact that most of the state’s three million residents reside in two metro areas and smaller towns, allowing unhindered access to nature and solitude.

Nevada has over 100,000 sq. mi. of high and low deserts and forested basin areas while bordering California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. The area bordering Lake Tahoe in the northwestern part of the state has stunning ski areas, while the southern part of the state boasts majestic desert areas. This state’s landscape has lots of variety for everyone to enjoy.

A State Rich with

Business Opportunity

Nevada is rich in economic opportunities that extend far beyond gaming and tourism. The state is a world leader in the information technology industry, with autonomous rideshare vehicles being one of the faster-growing innovations in this state.

Nevada’s reputation as the Silver State still rings true, with mining remaining a popular industry. In addition to silver, gold, and copper mining remain a significant economic force, employing over 12,000 professionals who make an average of $83,000 yearly. Trucking and logistics are also industries that account for much of the state’s growth, alongside gaming and tourism.

As much as 80% of the land in Nevada is under federal ownership, with much of the federal land including military sites like The Nevada Test Site and Nellis Air Force Base. The state’s job growth over a five-year period has been the best in the United States.

A Place With

Warmer Climate in Most Areas

Nevada offers a semi-arid climate, featuring the abundant sunny days that are part of the climate in parts of neighboring Arizona, California, and Utah. There are noticeable variations in different regions, much as you’ll notice with many other states. Elko, in the northern part of the state, enjoys lower average temperatures because of its proximity to the mountains, while the southern part of the state has higher temperatures more consistent with a desert climate. If you live in an area with more significant seasonal variation, be prepared to dress in layers when doing outdoor activities.

Plenty of

Outdoor Activities

Nevada is host to a broad range of outdoor areas that give you something to do away from the cities. There are two national and 24 state parks that will leave you with plenty to do during your weekends or vacations. Hiking trails in locations such as Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail provide something for all ability levels, and you will discover plenty of ski and snowboard trails in Tahoe. Sparkling lakes like Lake Mead give you plenty of opportunities for water sports.

You Might See That

Traffic is Quite Heavy in Nevada

With most of Nevada’s population is concentrated in the major urban areas, you can expect a lot of heavy traffic in these cities. Feeling Las Vegas describes the city as ranking 607 out of 979 cities around the world for heavy traffic. Even in the larger cities, though, most find traffic manageable and public transit options easily accessible.

There Are a Lot of

Empty Areas

Outside of the cities, you will find a lot of vast, empty areas. Although these open spaces can be good for stargazing and off-roading, driving across the state may be a different experience from what you’re likely used to from driving in New Jersey. If you like to enjoy a bit of solitude sometimes, taking a drive through one of Nevada’s more remote areas might be just what you’re looking for.

Find the

Best Places to Live in Nevada

Nevada offers a change of pace for residents of states like New Jersey looking for warmer temperatures and a business-friendly environment. With several options that provide a bit of what everyone needs, you might find the number of choices available somewhat overwhelming. After all, each city has a unique feel and vibe.

We’ve done a breakdown of some of the most popular communities you may want to consider.


Population: 20,467

24/7 Wall St. has ranked Elko as Nevada’s best city to live in. The median home value is an affordable $215,100.
Elko has had a population increase of over 18% since 2013. Gold mining is the most well-represented industry, contributing to the median household income of $76,826.The gaming and cattle industries also contribute to the economy in meaningful ways.

Las Vegas

Population: 651,319

Las Vegas is Nevada’s biggest city and the Clark County seat. A majority of residents are aged 25 to 44, with the variety of available jobs contributing to the appeal to this demographic. The city’s median income is $53,000, and the median home value is $314,433. A majority of these represent single-family homes.

Despite the city’s size, Las Vegas has several neighborhoods that offer a unique character. There are 68 parks offering recreational activities, and the city has a mass transit system consisting of buses connecting different areas of the city. Some of the fastest-growing industries include gaming and hospitality, retail, and transportation.


Population: 105,006

Sparks is Nevada’s fifth-largest city and part of the larger Reno metropolitan area. A semi-arid climate produces relatively high temperatures, while the average winter lows are mild. The median income is $60,785, with the population representing multiple age groups, from college students to retirees.

The median home price for this city averages $342,000. Residents enjoy an average income of $58,120 and have access to a job market that promises growth of over 50% in the coming years. Some of the highest-paying jobs include those in management, the financial sector, and engineering.

How to Prepare for

Your Move to Nevada

You’ll be in for some changes no matter which city you choose when moving from New Jersey to Nevada. Taking some steps to make your move easier is a good idea, and we’re glad to help every step of the way.

Check Out Your Movers

Check out any moving companies that you are thinking of using carefully. You will want to make sure they have the certifications, licensing, and insurance needed, as well as experience with cross-country moving. Your insurance is critical, and you’ll want to make sure you have an estimate, so you know what you’re looking at for costs. Great Guys Moving makes it easy for you to find a cross-country mover with the licensing you need that will also explain the estimate and go over important information.

Be Sure To

Pack Everything Carefully

Make sure you use cushioning and padding for breakable or delicate objects during your packing. In an ideal situation, you should be able to find everything easily when you begin unpacking. Consider local regulations in the states along the route if transporting firearms.

Dispose of or Donate What is Not Necessary

When you’re going to move, you might realize you have a lot of stuff around that you no longer need. Get rid of anything that is no longer usable, preferably by recycling, when possible. Donate items that you’re unlikely to use that others may find helpful.

Get Your Mail Forwarded

Get in touch with the US Postal Service about forwarding your mail to your new address. Before you do so, make sure you have had the chance to get copies of the documentation you need to change your New Jersey driver’s license to a Nevada license.

Keep Your Drive Fun and Safe

Driving from New Jersey to Nevada is a perfect way to enjoy a fun family vacation. Look up fascinating national or state parks along your route or attractions you haven’t visited. A drive from New Jersey to Nevada will take you through exciting terrain, including forests, plains, mountains, and deserts.

Your move will go as smoothly as possible when you take the time to plan everything properly. We’ll be here to help throughout this process. Use the link to fill out our form and start getting the quotes you need!

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