Congratulations on Your Big Decision to Move to North Carolina!

As you daydream of the warm beaches and lush mountains in North Carolina, it’s a great time to make sure you’re ready for your long-distance move. Packing up your home and driving across multiple states to settle in a new place is a complex task not to be underestimated.

This is why, when most people prepare for the long-distance move from NJ to NC, they call a professional moving company to organize all the logistics and remove that stress from their lives. Partnering with a trustworthy moving company is the best way to ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home on time and in perfect condition. That way, you can focus on finding a home, job, school for your kids, and the rest, while the movers take care of transporting your belongings.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving From NJ to NC

Are you ready to trade New Jersey’s city skylines and bustling crowds for North Carolina’s rolling Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains and picturesque beach towns? Many New Jersey residents leave the Garden State in search of more job opportunities and sunnier weather. After all, North Carolina has a relatively healthy economy. But, it’s important to know exactly what to expect before you relocate. 

Consider this: Do you like warmer weather? Do you value your space? Whether you end up in the pristine mountains and hills on the western portion of the state, the urban centers or suburban communities in the Piedmont region, or the charming coastal towns — here is what you can expect when moving from New Jersey to North Carolina.

Winters Will Be Warm(er)

Weather is an important consideration when moving from NJ to NC because North Carolina is warmer and more humid than New Jersey (NC’s relative humidity is 70.6%, while NJ’s is 68.5%). North Carolina has a moderate climate, meaning it is warm or hot most of the year, but the temperatures cool down in the winter months. The average high temperature in Raleigh, NC, in the winter is about 51°F, and the average low is 32°F. On the coast, those temperatures are higher. If you find yourself missing snow, drive west into the Blue Ridge Mountains. It usually snows in the mountains, although not as much as it does in New Jersey.

You’ll Have More Money in Your Pockets

Many New Jersey residents have no option but to move because of the expensive cost of living and steep property taxes, which are some of the highest in the nation. In North Carolina, you get respite from financial strain. Property taxes are low, and the cost of living is much lower.

The median home value in North Carolina is $174,380, less than half of New Jersey’s median home value of $360,084. Food and gas prices in North Carolina are also lower than the national average. But, it’s important to remember that the personal income tax rate in NC is higher than in other states. On payday, your check might be less than you expected.

The Coast Hosts Hurricanes

If you’re moving from NJ to NC to live on North Carolina’s coast, you’ll likely have to deal with hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30. Be prepared for hurricanes — including purchasing hurricane insurance — and always pay attention to hurricane warnings.

Goodbye Diners and Bagels, Hello BBQ and Sweet Tea

While bagels and diners still exist in North Carolina, they simply aren’t the same as they are in New Jersey. In North Carolina, BBQ and sweet tea are staples, and almost everyone has an opinion about where to find the best BBQ. Say hello to new culinary experiences!

New Scenery

New Jersey has a mix of rural and urban areas and some well-loved beaches. In contrast, North Carolina has a more diverse landscape including an extensive coastline, beautiful forests, and the stunning Smoky Mountains. Both NJ and NC are lovely places to live; just expect to see a wider range of scenery in NC.

Economy and Jobs

The overall economy and job market are different when moving from NJ to NC. In North Carolina, you’ll find a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, technology, and agriculture. The banking industry is also prevalent in NC, and supplies many jobs throughout the state.

Popular North Carolina Cities to Move to

  • Charlotte: This is the largest city in the state with a population of around 880,000, and it is an attractive location for young professionals, families, and students alike. Cost of living is higher here than anywhere else in North Carolina, but there are numerous corporations and industries for residents to work. 
  • Raleigh: Welcome to the state capital! Raleigh has a lower population, around 470,000, and a lower cost of living, making it a great place for families and professionals. 
  • Greensboro: For a place with a small-town feel, Greensboro could be a great option. With a population of 300,000, an even lower cost of living, and a slower pace of life, this city is an excellent choice for families and retirees.

Cost of Moving to North Carolina

Moving from NJ to NC can cost between $1,300 and $9,000, depending on the moving company you choose, the time of year you’re moving, and how much you’re taking with you.

Professional NJ to NC Movers

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