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White Glove Moving prides itself on its origins as a piano and antique mover. We opened our doors in 1988 in Brooklyn, NY. Shortly thereafter, we became the full-service movers we are today. If you are looking to have a piano moved and need white-glove services, we are your answer for all things piano. All of our professional movers are trained in the high–risk craft of piano moving and are able to accommodate any size and any logistics. We move spinet, upright, baby grand, and grand pianos every day of the year. White Glove is equipped with piano boards and special padding and wrapping that minimizes any possible chance of damage to your precious instrument.


Why Use a Professional NJ Piano Mover? 

Moving a piano can be difficult, and sometimes dangerous. They’re heavy, unusually shaped, and extremely delicate. If you try to move a piano on your own by throwing it into a friend’s truck, you risk irreparable damage, even if you do your best to protect your piano with pads and bubble wrap. White Glove Moving & Storage, with our moving and storage services, is the ideal choice for piano moving in NYC. Our local movers ensure the secure transfer of your piano with pack and move services to make your relocation stress-free as your piano arrives in perfect condition. There are many smart reasons to hire a professional piano mover like those at White Glove: 

Protect your piano. Musical instruments are extremely sensitive to temperature and movement. Even small shifts can damage the mechanics of a piano if you or your moving team are not taking proper precautions. A professional NJ piano mover will use specialized padding materials, skid boards, dollies, and ramps to ensure that your piano arrives at your new home without a scratch. 

Avoid damage and injuries. Pianos are heavy. Even small pianos can weigh a few hundred pounds, with large pianos weighing more than 1,000 pounds. If you try to move your heavy piano yourself, you risk incurring damage to the piano, your new home, and even yourself. Our professional piano movers in NJ have years of experience safely packing and transporting large items and are sure to avoid damage or injury. 

Move faster. Ensuring your priceless piano is protected during transportation can take a lot of time, not to mention packing the rest of the items in your home. When you go with a full-service professional moving company, you don’t need to pack up your home. They’ll do everything for you, from boxing things up to getting your piano to the top of your fifth-floor walkup. 

Save money. If you’ve looked into renting a truck, paying for gas, and hiring others to help, you know that costs add up fast. And if your moving crew isn’t taking proper safety measures when moving your piano, you may need to pay for repairs sooner or later. Why leave things to chance when you could hire a professional moving company in Queens, NY, that will get it done right the first time, without outrageous costs? 

White Glove Moving and Storage specializes in moving all types of possessions, defending them from scratches and damage. We can move pianos in New York and New Jersey as part of our full-service, white glove moving services. However, we do not exclusively move pianos on their own. 

If you’re thinking about moving soon, and you have a piano you cannot bear to part with, contact the professional NJ piano movers at White Glove Moving and Storage.

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Whether you are moving your Yamaha, Baldwin, Steinway, Kawai, Knabe, Chickering, or Samick piano, White Glove Moving is the company for you. When moving a piano valued at $5,000, White Glove requires the piano to be individually insured for the amount it is worth. So if you need to find out the worth of the piano, please get it appraised. Once appraised, we can refer you to our third-party insurance carrier, Baker International, to provide you with a quote for an insurance policy. 

Moving a piano is no small feat, and one wrong step could turn into thousands of dollars in damages to your precious musical instrument. As part of our customer-centric moving services, we are able to transport all types of pianos, big and small. We move pianos quickly and efficiently upstairs and into different rooms — and we can even lift them by crane into high-rise apartment buildings. We keep your piano safe and secure during the entire process, using industry-standard belts, straps, and moving blankets. These keep your instrument protected on its journey from your old house to your new home.

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