We put our high-quality, white-glove services to work to make your interior designs into reality.

As an interior designer, you have a lot on your plate with creating and designing beautiful spaces for your clients. No matter if your design is for a staged property, an installation piece, or a residence or business, White Glove Moving can get the job done.

Our Moving Process

Receiving, Inspection, Storage, and Installation

When planning a project, many interior designers order a number of pieces of art, furniture, and decor from multiple distributors. Rather than have them clutter up the space in which the designer is working, you can have them shipped to our state-of-the-art storage facility as part of our comprehensive moving and storage services. White Glove — the best moving company in Queens, NY — will open and inspect all deliveries, take a photographic inventory, repack everything, and store them until all pieces arrive. The designer will have access to the photographic inventory so you know in real-time the pieces in storage. Once all pieces have arrived, White Glove delivers the entire order as a whole for the installation.

Many designers also invest in furniture, art, and decor pieces that can be used over and over again when styling or staging different areas. When these items aren’t in use, White Glove Moving offers storage solutions that keep your items out of harm’s way.

If you have items in our storage facility and have ordered more pieces, you can send them directly to us where we’ll receive them and get them placed in your storage unit. This saves you the hassle of having to bring something to us every time you purchase another item. We also have the option of providing a photographic inventory so you can select exactly which items you need for your next project.

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Moving With White Glove

Large, Expensive, and Fragile

Furniture, artwork, decor — these items can be extremely expensive and fragile, meaning they need to be moved delicately. At White Glove Moving, our goal is to move every item as carefully as possible to prevent damage or loss.

As part of our packing and unpacking services, we take the time to expertly pack every item to securely transfer them. Once the items are moved to your new location, our relocation team unpacks every item with care so you can get down to designing the space.

Our Professionals Go Through

Extensive Training

Our moving professionals go through an extensive training process for handling fine art and antiques. We do this to ensure that every employee knows how to properly pick up your items and deliver them to the new location in the same condition. You can have peace of mind that all of your interior design pieces are carefully and expertly packed, moved, and unpacked with the utmost care.

What Kind of Spaces and

What Can White Glove Move?

There are so many items that go into designing interior and installation spaces. With over 25 years of professional moving experience, we can move anything and everything you need for your interior design process. As the best commercial movers in NYC, we know businesses and large corporations have a lot of specific requirements to follow. Trust our commercial movers to securely transport these items:

  • Paintings — We can move large and small paintings as well as original pieces and reproductions with the help of antique movers.
  • Chandeliers — Chandeliers can be a beautiful statement piece, so we take care to move them safely and efficiently. This includes all other lighting options as well.
  • Large and small furniture — You use furniture of all sizes to make beautiful spaces. We do the heavy lifting and get the furniture where you need it to go.
  • Antiques — Antiques carry immense history and, as such, are fairly expensive pieces of furniture. We keep these items safe and secure during a move or relocation so you don’t have to worry about damaging them.
  • Decorative pieces — Decorative pieces can include anything from vases, statues, and knickknacks to rugs, throw pillows, and plants. We can easily move these items from location to location so you can spend more time designing instead of moving.

Our Moving Process

How it Works and How We Price

If you are moving your interior design pieces from space to space, our team can quickly bring your items to the new location. And, to go a step further, we can place furniture and decor pieces exactly where you want them for your design.

We price our moves by the number of pieces being moved, how far they are being moved, and how many employees we’ll need to complete the process. Once we have evaluated all this information, we create a custom moving quote for your needs.

Learn About

How Our Installation Process Works and How We Price

Installation pieces are typically one-off design features that can be in place for days, weeks, or months before being taken down. With the best movers in NYC, the installation process closely mirrors our standard moving procedures. The key difference is an extended timeframe between moves.

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White Glove Moving

From warehouses to homes and businesses to large corporations, White Glove Moving has the services you need. Our full-service moving solutions cover all industries, ensuring that the design you’ve envisioned is the design we deliver. Contact our team today to discuss our interior design and installation moving services.

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