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White Glove Moving and Storage can satisfy even the most specific of storage needs. We offer storage options ranging from standard heated/ventilated units, completely climate and humidity-controlled, and even wine and art specialized storage. We can even assist you in finding a self-storage unit should you prefer.

All the storage options you need.

Why do you need storage?

Whether you need storage while you are waiting to close on your new home, you are looking to declutter your home, or you want to stage your home to make it easier to sell, White Glove Moving and Storage has all the options you need.

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Moving is stressful, let us store your items until you're ready

What not to store

  • Important documents (deeds, titles, etc.) and currencies should not be stored. These items should be kept with you or in a safe deposit box while your items are in storage.
  • Anything Explosive/combustible such as fuel/propane tanks should not be stored. Any mechanical devices with a fuel tank should have the fuel emptied prior to being stored.
  • Guns/Ammunition should not be kept in storage.
  • Liquids/Cleaning products should not be stored with your shipment. Any leakage can contaminate your shipment and damage other items stored near it.
  • Electronics, specifically something with Lithium Ion Batteries.

Items that may require specialty storage

  • Vinyl Record
  • Film
  • Grandfather Clocks/Pianos/Antique Furniture
  • Wine


Storage Billing

Storage is billed monthly and White Glove Moving and Storage is a paperless billing company. You will receive a “Welcome to Storage” email which will provide all the details about billing and payment methods upon your move into storage. This will replace monthly invoices. Your move into storage is prorated to the end of the month (can be excluded with certain specialty storage options). Your first invoice will be from the day you moved into storage until the end of the month. The second invoice will be for the full month. Payments are due on the 5th of every month.

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Moving Out of Storage:

Local: When you are ready to schedule delivery of your items, give us a call with as much notice as possible. Local Deliveries are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to availability. Once you call to schedule your date, our team will put together the estimate for your move out of storage.

Long Distance: Long Distance deliveries are usually done within a certain business day delivery window. This window is initiated by you telling us what your First Available Date for delivery is. The delivery can occur anywhere between your First Available Date and however many business days your order for service

Declare your FAD

All moves are unique, and not all moves fall into the parameters as listed above. Please reference your order for service for specifics about the storage options that have selected or that are included in your move. 

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