A Love/Hate Relationship — The Realities of Moving For NJ Residents

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Moving to a new place generates a mix of emotions. There’s excitement when imagining the new experiences you’ll have, and some nervousness about leaving your old home behind. And, on top of it all, there is almost always some dread about the actual moving process. 

Not many people love the act of moving. In fact, according to a survey sponsored by White Glove Moving & Storage, 44% of New Jersey residents said moving was the most challenging thing they had done in the past three years. The truth is that moving can be stressful and time-consuming, but there are some ways to alleviate the stress and simplify the process. 

What Makes Moving So Challenging? 

Survey respondents said they would rather 

  • Give up chocolate for a year (17%)
  • Be forced to sing the National Anthem at an NFL game (12%) 
  • Fake an injury or illness (9%) instead of moving 

But, what makes people loathe moving so much? 

There are plenty of frustrating aspects of moving, especially if you choose to do it by yourself. Below are some of the reasons NJ residents find moving difficult. 

  • 11% said they underestimate the number of boxes needed to move (requiring them to drive back and forth to the store to get what they need).
  • 13% said the moving process took longer than expected, and 16% said packing took more time than what they budgeted. 
  • Overall, 21% said moving was extremely stressful.

The reason moving takes up so much time is because there are a lot of steps in the process. You need to pack up all of your belongings (and potentially get rid of items you don’t need anymore) and carry all of your boxes and furniture to a car or truck. Once you find a way to cram everything inside the vehicle and drive to your new home, you have to unpack it all and carry it again. It’s exhausting!

Moving can also be hazardous for you and your belongings. Lifting heavy objects is one of the most common reasons for injury in the workplace because many people don’t lift using the correct posture. It’s common for people moving on their own to injure their backs or other parts of their bodies while lifting heavy boxes and furniture. 

When moving by yourself, you’re also more likely to break one of your belongings. In the survey, 51% of people said they have broken something valuable during a move, and those items were usually mirrors, family pictures, or dressers. 

Men vs. Women, Families vs. Singles — What Impacts Moving Decisions?

There are a lot of different factors that influence people’s decisions to move. According to the White Glove survey, men are more likely to move to New Jersey because of job opportunities, while women tend to move to the Garden State in order to be closer to family. 

The women who arrive in New Jersey also tend to stay there. The survey found that 63% of women have remained in the state for more than 25 years compared to 51% of men. When women do choose to move in or out of New Jersey, they are more likely to move on their own instead of hiring a moving company. 

Your family situation also contributes to your decision to move. People with children are 16% more likely to want to leave New Jersey as compared to people without children. But, no matter if you are male or female, or have kids or not, the top state everyone in NJ wants to go to is Florida. Some of these factors, such as choosing to move on your own, can make the moving process even more headache-inducing. 

How to Make Your Moving Experience Pleasant

Don’t lose sleep over an upcoming move. There are a few steps you can take to make your move an easy, seamless process. 

  • Accept that the move might not go as planned

Many people become annoyed by moving because the process takes longer than anticipated and there are unforeseen roadblocks along the way. When approaching your move, it’s best to take a deep breath and remember that the move might not meet your expectations. Be ready to be flexible. 

  • Plan ahead

There is a lot to do before, during, and after a move. A moving checklist can keep you on track and ensure you don’t forget any critical steps. 

  • Partner with a professional moving company

About 60% of people in New Jersey choose to hire a moving company to lessen the personal toll during the move. A moving company can take care of all the packing and moving so you can work on everything else on your to-do list. Experienced movers work efficiently and treat all of your belongings carefully, ensuring your move is stress-free. 

White Glove Moving & Storage can help with your local or long-distance moves to and from New Jersey. Our professional crew makes sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more about our services here.  

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