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Benefits of Living in North Carolina

When you’re planning a move from New York to North Carolina, it’s helpful to learn a few facts about your new home. Although the climate, culture and atmosphere differ sharply from New York, North Carolina is an inviting state with gorgeous landscapes, exceptional food and easy-going attitudes. Making the transition from the Empire State to the Tar Heel State can seem challenging, but North Carolinians are amiable people who are happy to help you adapt to the new environment. You can examine some of the features that make North Carolina stand apart from its southern neighbors.

You'll Notice

The Difference in Climate

Although some regions of New York experience warm summers, North Carolina is much hotter and humid than New York. The humidity decreases when you move farther west towards the mountains, but the Piedmont (central NC) and Coastal Plains are blazing in the summertime. However, the state has a lush landscape with Southern Pines, Magnolias, Oak and numerous native plants that provide plenty of shelter from the sun.

Unlike your previous home, North Carolina has considerably milder winters. Western Carolina receives snowfall, but the central and eastern regions rarely dip into the single digits. The planting and growing season begins much earlier in the south due to the warm climate.

Enjoy a Lower

Cost of Living

North Carolina’s state taxes are higher than New York’s, but the cost of living in NC is much lower than the national average. Larger cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh have higher costs of living, but the small towns and rural areas have lower prices on food and housing. You’ll notice a stark difference in the restaurant, alcohol and living costs in NC. With the money you spend on a home in NY, you can purchase a larger house with more acreage in the southern state.


North Carolina Universities

Like New York, North Carolina has several exceptional universities, but NC’s state tuition is much lower than NY’s. Because of the significant difference in tuition costs, NC colleges have a large population of students from northern states. NC’s public university system includes nationally recognized schools such as The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest University and The North Carolina School of the Arts.

If you’re interested in private colleges, NC has Duke University (with one of the best medical schools in the country), Davidson and Brevard. The universities have helped North Carolina become a leader in software development, medical research, marine research and agricultural improvements. One of the most played online video games, Fortnite, has its base of operations in Cary, NC. After its founding in 1991, Epic Games has become one of the most revered and successful game developers in the country.


The Southern Cuisine

Your northern taste buds are in for a treat when you reach North Carolina. NC’s famous pulled pork barbecue restaurants are often featured on national cooking programs, and the fresh seafood from the coast and outer banks is unforgettable. Sweet tea, sweet potato fries, Brunswick stew and barbecue sandwiches are regional favorites that you’ll find in every county.

You'll Never Run Out of


Whether you love ice hockey, basketball or football, NC has it all. In addition to its three professional teams, NC has nationally ranked basketball, football and baseball teams in the collegiate system. The Blue Devils, Tarheels, Demon Deacons and Wolfpack bring in fans from around the world. When the ACC tournament is held in North Carolina, basketball fever blankets the state with bars and restaurants packed with happy fans.

For lovers of the fine arts, music and science, NC has several museums, theaters and music venues to keep you entertained in your downtime. The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh features several outdoor exhibits with unique sculptures, creative landscaping and hiking trails wrapping around a scenic wooded area.

Red Hat Amphitheater, Greensboro Coliseum and PNC Music Pavilion are hosts for international artists playing every genre of music, and if you enjoy classical music, you may be lucky enough to catch the North Carolina Symphony.


The Coast Plains and Outer Banks

North Carolina is split into three distinct topographical zones: the Coastal Plains (east), the Piedmont (central) and the Mountains (west). The Coastal Plains of NC include the coastal islands and extend west for around 140 miles. Highlights of the region include scenic beach towns like Emerald Isle, Wrightsville Beach and Atlantic Beach.

If you’re tired of beaches saturated with high-rise condos, excessive traffic and large crowds, you can visit Ocracoke Island. It has a local culture and dialect unique to the island, and it’s famous for its excellent surfing, fishing and quiet beaches. If you have a bicycle, bring it along. Motor vehicles are prohibited on the island to preserve the environment.

Have Fun in

The Piedmont Region

Most of NC’s population resides in the Piedmont in central NC. The Raleigh Durham area is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, and it’s an ideal spot for software developers, IT experts, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs.

Escape to

The Mountains

Even if your new home is located in the east, you shouldn’t wait long to visit Western NC. The North Carolina mountains, home to famous films like the Hunger Games, are undeniably breathtaking and unforgettable. You can hike a section of the Appalachian Trail that runs into the Smokey Mountains or marvel at the beauty of Linville gorge or Fontana Dam.

For professional help moving from New York to North Carolina, you can contact White Glove Moving. They specialize in relocating residents in New York and New Jersey.

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