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We are licensed to perform local moves in New Jersey to relocate customers to any location in the continental United States, including Georgia.

White Glove is also happy to offer a flat price on your long distance move. Our prices are based on your inventory rather than charging based on factors like weight or cubic feet. This helps eliminate variable on the move day and gives our consumers complete control over your price and removes all surprises.

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Benefits of Living in Georgia

Making the trek from New York to Georgia may seem like a long haul, but the experience is well worth it when you consider all the state has to offer. Georgia is defined by southern traditions and modern innovations with a temperate climate, scenic coastlines, rugged mountain chains, and plenty of entertainment. Adapting to your new home may take a little time, but you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the transition with friendly Georgians ready to help you along the way. Before hitting the road, you can see what’s waiting for you in the Peach State.

Enjoy Southern Hospitality and Culture

Depending on which region of New York you’re from, Georgia can seem like a sharp contrast to the northern way of life. Residents in Georgia enjoy a laid-back attitude that differs from the fast-paced lifestyle up north. Georgians may kid you about your Yankee roots, but they’ll go out of their way to make you feel welcome with a quick smile and cheerful greeting.

While New York is famous for being a center of empire building, Georgia has a more agricultural tradition, and its people are proud of their world-famous peaches. Although the state is renowned for its sweet Vidalia onions, peanuts and sweet potatoes, the peach became the state fruit several years after Franciscan monks introduced it in the 17th century.

You'll Notice The

Difference in the Climate

The temperate climate of Georgia draws masses of tourists and northern transplants to the state every year. Unlike New York, Georgia has short, mild winters and rarely experiences sub-zero temperatures. The four seasons are well defined in the state, but the summers can be challenging to newcomers accustomed to cooler temperatures when the sun sets.

The high humidity levels boost the state’s blazing summer temperatures, and residents near the east coast must also contend with the possibility of an active hurricane season. Georgia has plenty of areas to escape the sun’s rays and cool off with pristine white beaches in the east and dense forests and river systems in the mountainous west.

Explore The

Appalachians and Atlantic Coast

Whether you’re a fan of pristine beaches or raging rapids nestled in mountain ranges, Georgia has the best of both worlds. The Atlantic coastline of Georgia is beloved by tourists and residents who enjoy white-sand beaches and surf fishing. One of its most famous coastal cities, Savannah, has an unforgettable historic district with cobblestone streets and moss-covered trees. If you travel to nearby Tybee Island, you can spend a day at the beach or explore the island’s historic lighthouse.

On the state’s western side, you can hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) or head down a whitewater rapids course on the Ocoee River. The Ocoee gained national prominence when it hosted the whitewater rafting event for the 1996 Olympic Games. For hiking enthusiasts, Georgia has almost 80 miles of AT trails that stretch from Springer Mountain to Bly Gap near North Carolina.

Do You Like Lower Taxes?

Although both states have the same sales tax rate, Georgia’s 5.8% income tax rate is considerably lower than New York’s. Your paycheck goes a little farther when fewer taxes are taken by the state, and with the money you save, you can take advantage of the state’s lower cost of living.

Georgia Has An Ideal Cost of Living

If you’re used to the high rents and mortgages in New York, you’ll appreciate Georgia’s thriving real estate market and lower living costs. Your housing expenses go much farther when you invest in a house or apartment in the state; you can live in a larger home and pay less rent than you would in New York. Compared to the rest of the country, Georgia’s cost of living is well below the national average.

Prepare for Excellent Cuisine

Southern cooking is much different from New York cuisine, but you’re likely to become fond of Georgia’s food as soon as you enter the state. Georgians excel at making southern classics like fried chicken, barbecued pork, biscuits and gravy and fried green tomatoes. The famous peach cobbler is always a hit for dessert, and pecan pie from Georgia pecans is a culinary delight.

Georgia Knows Sports

For fans of professional and collegiate sports, Georgia holds several national sporting events every year. With the Atlanta Braves, the Hawks, the Falcons, the Dream and United, you have a chance to see professional athletes compete in nearly every sport. If you’re into auto racing, you can head over to Atlanta Motor Speedway and watch a NASCAR race.

Events like the Masters and ACC tournament are often held in Georgia, and for college fans, you can catch the Georgia Bulldogs take on a ranked SEC team or see the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets battle their ACC rivals.

Explore Georgia Arts and Entertainment

Georgia has several museums, cultural activities, and events to keep you entertained when you need time away from the office. In Atlanta, you can visit the world’s largest aquarium. The Atlanta Aquarium includes exhibits with California sea lions, a river exhibit with piranhas and albino alligators and a massive tank housing whale sharks and manta rays.

While you’re visiting Atlanta, you can see the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic site, the World of Coca Cola or watch a performance at the Atlanta Opera. Across the state, you can travel to several exceptional museums including the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, the National Infantry Museum in Columbus and the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville.

After examining what’s waiting for you in Georgia, you’re probably anxious to hit the road. For professional assistance with your long journey, you can contact White Glove Moving.

White Glove’s Long Distance Price Lock Guarantee

White Glove is proud to be the only Long-Distance mover in New Jersey & New York to offer, “Long-Distance Price Lock.

This means the price we quote you before your move is always the price you pay after the move. 

No hidden fees, no circumstantial costs, no nickel or diming you for things you didn’t agree to. That’s one of the ways we make your moving day a White Glove experience. Learn more about other commitments we make to our customers.

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