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Benefits of Living in Connecticut

If you’re thinking of taking the leap and heading out of the Empire State for its nearby neighbor the Nutmeg State, you might just find that this little New England state has a lot to offer for just about any taste. The state of Connecticut has a lot in common with its neighbor to the north, but still offers a distinct culture and environment for former New Yorkers to explore. Whether you’ve already booked your upcoming move or are still in the very early phases of choosing your next home, take a look at these fun facts you should know about Connecticut and why it could make a great home base.

Connecticut Offers

Top Quality Public and Private Education

One of the top reasons many families choose to move to Connecticut is because the state is famed for its high quality of education. From K through 12 to colleges and universities, the Nutmeg State is chock-full of great educational options for kids and adults alike. Additionally, residents are able to choose between public and private options. Some of the top colleges in Connecticut that demonstrate the state’s commitment to quality education include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • University of Connecticut
  • Yale University
  • Quinnipiac University
  • University of Hartford
  • University of St. Joseph

New York Weather With Beautiful Fall Foliage

If you’re worried you’ll miss New York’s colorful falls when you leave for Connecticut, no need to worry – the state has weather that’s relatively similar to New York’s and also boasts vibrant leaves during the fall months. Connecticut’s year-round weather is generally comparable to that of the New York City metropolitan area, and may be a bit more temperate than the weather in Upstate New York. However, no matter which part of New York you’re from, you’re sure to find a little piece of home in Connecticut’s familiar seasons.

You’ll Find Plenty of

Family-Friendly Suburbs With Short Commutes to NYC

Thinking of buying a house in Connecticut but commuting into New York City for work? You’re not alone. The part of Connecticut bordering New York is popular with commuters precisely because it offers a relatively straightforward and short commute paired with numerous family-friendly suburbs. For many Connecticut residents who cross the border to work in New York State, this arrangement is the best of both worlds! If you’re considering making a similar move, be sure to put the following family-friendly areas on your list.

  • Cheshire Village
  • Old Greenwich
  • New Canaan
  • Avon
  • Westport
  • West Hartford

Connecticut Offers

Plenty of All-Season Entertainment

Because Connecticut boasts picturesque seasons and fairly moderate weather throughout much of the year, residents have plenty of opportunities to explore the area and enjoy various types of entertainment. Although Connecticut is, geographically speaking, a fairly small state – only about 70 miles wide and 110 miles long – this means that it’s even easier to get to know! As a Connecticut resident, you can easily access:

  • The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
  • Hammonasset Beach State Park
  • Thimble Islands
  • Yale Marsh Botanical Garden
  • Sunnybrook State Park
  • The northwest ‘Secret Corner’ of the state

Learn About a

Rich History Distinct From New York’s

You may already be familiar with Connecticut’s nickname of the Nutmeg State, but did you know that it’s also nicknamed the Constitution State? That’s because Connecticut was one of the original 13 colonies, and is rich in American history. In Connecticut, you’re only steps away from historical landmarks and monuments steeped in the nation’s past. To learn more about the state’s unique history, be sure to visit:

  • The Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford
  • Harkness Memorial State Park
  • The Old Newgate prison
  • The Charles W. Morgan historic boat
  • Fort Griswald and its surrounding Revolutionary War history

Explore the Unique

Local New Englander Culture and Traditions

Unlike New York, which is generally considered a mid-Atlantic state culturally, Connecticut is officially part of New England. This means that New Yorkers can expect distinct cultural differences and unique local traditions! One major part of New England culture that you can’t miss out on if you live in Connecticut is the food. New Englanders in general, and Connecticut residents especially, are fond of menus made up of these traditional dishes made with local ingredients and recipes.

  • Lobster rolls
  • Clam chowder
  • Baked beans
  • Fried clams and oysters
  • Apple pie
  • Cream pie

Enjoy a Blend of

Rural and Urban Areas Reminiscent of New York

Just like New York State, Connecticut boasts an idyllic blend of both rural and urban areas. This means that, whether you prefer living in large cities or traditional small towns, you’re sure to find an area that fits your tastes in the Nutmeg State. You can also choose to live in an urban area and frequently visit the rural parts that are only a short drive away, or vice versa. In short, Connecticut residents can choose the pace of life they prefer!

Before you shift gears and head south from New York for its neighboring state of Connecticut, make sure you keep this easy guide handy so you know what to expect. From a pleasant blend of urban and rural regions to unique New Englander culture to top-quality education and much more, the Nutmeg State has plenty of perks for its residents to enjoy every day. If you’re hoping to move to a stunning state with all the comforts of New York and its own unique flavor, use this guide to decide whether Connecticut would make a good home for you and your family.

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