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Missouri is known for lots of things—the bustling entertainment town of Branson, the rich history of the Pony Express, and the iconic gateway arch. All of these features draw tourists and visitors, but some might want to make their time in the state a little more permanent, and relocate to Missouri!

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Benefits of Living in Missouri

If you’re thinking about moving from New Jersey to Missouri, there are some significant changes to anticipate, but there’s a lot to look forward to, too.

Some of the most important differences to be aware of exist in the housing market, employment opportunities, and local culture. Whether you’ve already decided to make the move, or you’re considering your options, this guide will help you understand what to expect as a New Jersey transplant headed to Missouri. Learn all about the appeal of the show-me state and its legacy of welcoming new residents.

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New Jersey and Missouri Job Markets

One of the biggest differences between New Jersey and Missouri is the job markets in the two states. The first indicator of this difference is the gap between the unemployment rates. New Jersey reported 7.9% unemployment in January 2021, but Missouri reports only 4.2% unemployment, as of February 2021. Clearly, prospects are more favorable in Missouri for job hunters and others newly entering the state workforce. Whether you have already found employment in the state or intend to start your job search after settling, this statistic indicates that a move to Missouri might improve your opportunities.

Whether job prospects are better in New Jersey or Missouri depends on more than just the unemployment rate, though. You should also pay attention to the top industries in each state to understand which jobs are most in-demand. According to Forbes, the top industries in Missouri are aerospace, food processing, chemicals, printing/publishing, and electrical equipment. The top industries in New Jersey, by contrast, are pharmaceuticals and life sciences, financial services, advanced manufacturing, and information technology.

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Missouri Is Bigger, But Smaller

Moving from New Jersey to Missouri is a major change in many ways, but perhaps one of the most notable—and to many transplants, the most attractive—differences is the disparity in size between the two states. Missouri occupies roughly nine times the surface area that New Jersey does. That said, it is also home to 2.8 million fewer people than New Jersey. So, when you move to the Show Me state, you’re both upsizing and downsizing, depending on how you look at it!

This difference makes for an interesting experience when transplants arrive and find they have more space with fewer neighbors. The result is often an improved sense of privacy, less traffic, and more breathable communities. Benefits like these are just a few of the reasons New Jersey residents might be drawn to a state like Missouri in the first place.

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Missouri Has a Lot to Offer

Amongst Missouri’s many attractions include an assortment of family entertainment opportunities in the bustling town on Branson. It is a well-known destination for vacations, with streets featuring dinner theaters, live music venues, and novelty dining restaurants. All of these make Branson Missouri’s entertainment capital, and it’s a draw for tourists and residents alike. Living within proximity to Branson makes Missouri an attractive spot for many families to settle, with a getaway never being too far away!

In addition to Branson, Missouri boasts countless other attractions, such as zoos, ghost towns, history centers, and theme parks. Many of these family-oriented attractions make for a great day trip, so no matter where you settle in Missouri, you are likely to only be a short drive from a fun place to visit.

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Missouri Is Made for Moving

There are plenty of reasons why you might be looking outside New Jersey for the next place to settle, and plenty of reasons, too, why Missouri may be at the top of your list. One of those reasons is likely the favorable housing market that newcomers find when scoping out the Show Me state. According to Zillow, the value of New Jersey homes typically comes in at $382,096, whereas the typical value of homes in Missouri is $183,031.

This is an incredible difference, and it makes Missouri’s appeal clear! Many families find the draw of affordable housing is irresistible, and the resultant wave of transplants is making the state known for its welcoming environment. Whether you have a family or plan to start one after settling in the Show Me state, you can’t find a housing market that’s much better than Missouri’s.

When comparing New Jersey and Missouri, it becomes evident why a family might consider making the big move to the Show Me state—it offers a lower population density, the possibility of better job prospects, and a slower pace of life that many find attractive. You don’t have to compare Missouri to other states to see its appeal, though. It has plenty to offer in and of itself that may draw new residents to consider relocating.

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