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New Jersey is a beautiful state. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, and world-renowned food make it unique, and of course, it is known as the Garden State for a reason. All of this appeal might not dissuade you from researching other options, though, and even considering moving. If you are entertaining the idea of out-of-state relocation, a place like Iowa might catch your attention. Idyllic farmlands, tight-knit communities, and a slower paced lifestyle are just a few of the features that might have you thinking about moving from New Jersey to Iowa.

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Benefits of Living in Iowa

The following guide will provide some useful insight into what to expect from a move to Iowa, why it might benefit your family, and where exactly you might want to settle down. Iowa can be a charming destination for families and other transplants seeking a breath of fresh air. Here is what you need to know in order to determine if the Hawkeye State is the right spot for your migration from New Jersey.


Industry in Iowa Is Different Than New Jersey

You may have already started doing some research on job prospects in Iowa, or you may have already landed a new position in the state. Regardless of where you are in your employment journey, it’s important to understand that industries in Iowa are different than those you will find in New Jersey. The top industries in New Jersey are pharmaceuticals and life sciences, financial services, advanced manufacturing, and information technology, whereas Iowa’s economy is supported primarily by agriculture, with energy and manufacturing following close behind.

This difference means that your employment prospects will be largely determined by what sector you work in. In addition to this, it is worth noting that unemployment rates between the two states are a stark contrast, too. As of January 2021, New Jersey reported their unemployment rate to be 7.6%, whereas Iowa reports an unemployment rate of 3.6% as of March 2021. The statistics don’t lie, and it’s likely that you will find better job prospects in Iowa, especially if you happen to be in one of the state’s aforementioned top industries.


Farming Is a Big Deal

Iowa is second only to California in its production of agricultural products. As soon as you arrive in the state, it becomes apparent: farming is kind of a big deal. Countless rows of crops line state highways, and tractors seem to be behind cars as the most popular mode of transportation. Indeed, farming is not just a pillar of the Iowa economy, but an important part of its culture and communities, too. Crops such as corn and soybeans are the most common, and livestock and vineyards are vital components, too.

What does this mean for transplants looking to settle down in Iowa? If you are in the agriculture industry, you’re headed to the right place. If you aren’t, you will still likely enjoy the fruits of farmers throughout the state. Few towns in Iowa lack a community farmer’s market, and many farms welcome visitors to observe and learn about agricultural processes. In other words, fresh produce is in abundance, and local farms make for a great day trip for families.


Iowa Homes Are Affordable

An abundance of agriculture isn’t the only feature that draws families to Iowa. Another irresistible draw, of course, is the affordability of homes throughout the state. New Jersey homes are typically valued around $382,096, according to Zillow, whereas the median home cost in Iowa is reportedly only $141,200. This disparity of expense makes home ownership a much easier goal in Iowa, and it means you can likely get more square footage for your money, too.

When you begin researching homes in Iowa, you will find an amazing assortment of options to consider. Like anywhere else, there is plenty of new construction to choose from, including custom homes that are designed with families in mind. What you will also find, though, is a wealth of beautiful historic Craftsman-style homes that come with no shortage of space, history, and charm. No matter what kind of house you are looking for, Iowa has a diverse real estate market that surely includes your dream home.


Iowa is One of the Happiest States

It might surprise you to hear that Iowa is amongst the top ten happiest states in the country! Maybe it’s all the corn residents grow, or maybe it’s the close communities that the state fosters. Notably, New Jersey is the fourth happiest state, so you may find yourself making a lateral move when you relocate to Iowa. It’s good to know that you won’t be significantly downgrading, though, when you move from New Jersey to Iowa. Some of the factors that make for happy residents include cost of living, access to resources, and quality of relationships. These are all metrics that Iowa rates highly in, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the happiest states in the country.

Make the Move Without the Stress

New Jersey and Iowa are vastly different places, but they are both known for their happy residents and unique quirks. Trekking from New Jersey to Iowa is over 1,000 miles, so it’s important to do your research before you make the leap, and ensure that the Hawkeye state is the right place for you. If you’ve made up your mind, make sure that logistics are taken care of by investing in professional relocation assistance.

Long distance moving doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Let White Glove Moving do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on settling in to your new home

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