Congratulations on your big decision to move to Wyoming!

It is a state of open plains, prairies, and grassland, and it has some of the largest oil and gas reserves in the lower 48. It is Wyoming. And if you have decided to move to the Equality State from New Jersey, then you are in for a completely different way of life.

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Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Before Moving From New Jersey to Wyoming

If you have made the decision to move to the Equality State, then you probably want a different kind of life. You will find it in Wyoming. It will take some time to get to the slower pace of life. Even if you are moving to get away from the hustle and bustle of New Jersey, it will be hard to break out of old habits. You will no longer have to get up two hours in advance just to be on time for work. In most places in Wyoming, you can get to work in ten minutes or less.

Moving to Wyoming will also give you the chance to explore a range of outdoor recreational activities. If you have always wanted to learn how to ride a horse, there is no better place to make your start.


Getting Around is a Little Easier

The state has four airports, three interstate highways, and thirteen national highways, making it one of the more accessible of the western rural states. You can get to the state by plane or by motor vehicle, but not by train. Wyoming is one of two states which is not served by Amtrak.

Cheyenne and Caspar are the largest cities in Wyoming. They have just over 100,000 people between them. Even if you intend to live in one of the two, you will not find much traffic during your morning and evening commute. You can get anywhere in less than twenty minutes.

Wyoming is filled mostly with small towns, which are well serviced by the state’s highway system. Even if you have to travel between towns for work or to shop or socialize, all you will have to contend with are the distances.


Hate Paying Taxes? You Will Love Wyoming

The state has no personal income taxes. Nor does Wyoming tax retirement income—even if received from another state. It has the lowest property taxes in the country; the process for paying taxes on your home is pretty straightforward. You will have to pay the first installment in November and a second installment in May. Your property is assessed every six years.


It is a Very Safe Place to Live

People in Wyoming say that if you leave your keys in the ignition of your vehicle, it will still be there in the morning. Coming from New Jersey, it may take you a while to get used to such an idea. But there is some truth to it.

Wyoming residents report lower levels of concern about safety than others in the country. The crime rate in Wyoming is 2.1 incidents per 1,000 people which are well below the national violent crime rate of 3.7.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Mining, or mineral extraction, is by far the largest industry in Wyoming. Coal, natural gas, crude oil, coalbed methane, uranium, and trona are the major commodities found in the state. In fact, Wyoming is one of the top coal-producing states in the country. The Equality State is also a major producer of crude oil, plastics, paints, and synthetic rubber.

If you have experience in any of these industries, you are likely to find employment in the state.

Here is another interesting fact you should keep in mind if you are without a four-year degree. Wyoming has the country’s largest share of good jobs—that is, jobs that pay $35,000 or more—for people without an undergraduate degree.


A Good Place to be An Entrepreneur

Although the mining industry dominates the state’s economy, recent years have seen growth in new economy ventures in biotech and IT. The hub for such innovation and entrepreneurship is centered in the University of Wyoming campus system.

However, the spirit of entrepreneurship has moved beyond these academic clusters. The hollowing out of certain small towns in Wyoming has created further opportunities for people who want to start their own business.

The mining industry is not always predictable, and not all of the towns in the state benefit continuously from oil, gas, and coal sites. When mining operations cease or slow down, the towns that depend on them begin to die. This has led to the springing up of Entrepreneurship Centers that help small communities spur new talent and business growth.


Love Beer?

Nearly every town in Wyoming has a brewery. A beer tasting tour is an actual thing in Wyoming. You will have an opportunity to taste each town’s local brew.


The Cowboy Spirit Lives On

Ranching and farming are also big business in Wyoming. Cowboys plied their trade throughout the state in the late 19th century. This has left an indelible mark on the local culture. No matter how used to the fashions and style of the east coast you have become, you will at some point dress like a cowboy once you have moved to Wyoming. Street dances and parties are not uncommon, and the music and theme of such gatherings will require you to put on a pair of boots, a wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of jeans and line dance the night away.


Dreaming of a White Christmas

It gets cold in New Jersey in Winter. But it does not always snow on Christmas Day or the days leading up to it. A white Christmas is almost a guarantee in Wyoming.


People Really Do Want to Help

In New Jersey, you are right to be wary of strangers who offer you help when you need it. You can let your guard down when you move to Wyoming. If you have car trouble, people will stop and help you. They will literally try to fix the problem for you. Or, they will wait with you until professional help arrives, and then give you a ride to the place you are going to afterward.

People are generally friendly in Wyoming. Whether you are in a restaurant, in a grocery store, or in the doctor’s office, anyone who recognizes you will strike up a conversation. And you should expect to be smothered with hospitality when you first arrive, as the natives will want to make a good impression on someone from out of state.


The Stars, Sunsets, and Sunrises are Not to Be Missed

The air in Wyoming is relatively free of pollution. There are no skyscrapers or exceptionally tall buildings in the state, not even in Cheyenne. On clear nights, the various constellations of our galaxy can be enjoyed. You will have an exceptionally good view in the rural parts of the state. One of the most popular things to do during summer nights is to go outside, put a blanket down, lay down, and stare at the sky.
The sunsets and sunrises in Wyoming are also great. A Wyoming sunrise is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

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