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Payment Info/Terms

Payment for a 1-day move is due in full at the time of delivery, prior to unloading. 

For a move consisting of more than 1 day, 60% of the estimate is due on day 1 and balance which is based on the actual services rendered will be due upon delivery, prior to unloading on the last day.

Any overpayment or adjustments will be reviewed by our accounting team and will be refunded within 24 – 72 hours from the next business day after your move.

Payment Methods: 

Your quote includes a discount of 3% for certain payment methods. Should you not pay by one of the qualifying methods, the discount as listed on your order for service will not apply. 

Payment types to qualify for the 3% discount:

–    Cash

–    Certified/Bank Check (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)

–    Money Order

–    Zelle Payment/Chase QuickPay (subject to terms and conditions, please see Click Here)

–    Wire Transfer

Payment types that do not qualify for the discount:

–    Visa

–    Mastercard

–    American Express 

–    Discover

All Credit Card Payments require the cardholder be present on site with the credit card. If this will not be the case, please contact the office so the cardholder may complete a Credit Card Authorization. 

Wire transfer instructions: 

Bank Details: Chase Bank 270 Park Ave – New York, NY 10017 

ABA No. (routing #): 021000021 

Beneficiary: Account # 602026770 

WG Moving, Inc. 235 W. 1st Street Bayonne, NJ 07002 

If you have any questions, you may call the accounting team at 800-340-1911 ext. 6 or via email at documents@whiteglovemoving.us.