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White Glove happily accepts Chase QuickPay or Zelle Pay for our clients that bank with Chase or participating banks!

Paying has never been simpler!

How does Chase Quick Pay/Zelle Pay Work?

Chase QuickPay/Zelle Pay is an online service that allows you to send money to and receive funds from virtually anyone with an e-mail address who’s enrolled in the service. It’s fast, convenient, secure, and it’s easy to get started–all you need is a valid e-mail address and U.S. bank account.

How do you send money through Chase or my Bank?

To send a payment, log on to your Chase account either online, or using the ChaseMobile® app or your bank’s app. Tap the Navigation Menu at the top left of the main screen… Select “ChaseQuickPay” or “ZellePay.” From here, you have the option to Send Money, or even Request Money if you need to collect a payment from someone.

When paying White Glove for moving service, use email:

**Please bear in mind that all transactions are subject to your bank’s own terms and conditions. Please check with you bank regarding daily limits or other limitations.

****Payments must be made on business days during business hours. Payments must be made the day prior to your first move date. For deliveries, payment must be made the day prior to the first day of your estimated time of arrival (ETA). Any questions can be directed to the accounting department by emailing or calling 201-705-1992.

****Call us to learn about the available discount we are offering when using Chase Quickpay/ZellePay. **