What to Expect on Moving Delivery Day

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What to Expect on Moving Delivery Day

When working with a professional moving company, you will have a moving delivery day where the moving team brings everything to your home. So, what can you expect to happen during moving day? And what do you do while movers are moving your stuff? 

White Glove Moving is here to answer all that and more so your moving delivery day goes off without a hitch. 

Preparing for Delivery 

To make moving day go smoothly, you want to be prepared for your moving delivery before it happens. From choosing delivery times to knowing what to do if your movers are late and everything in between, we’re here to help you feel ready to work with your delivery movers. 

Choosing a Time Slot 

When coordinating your moving delivery, your moving company will give you options for times they can be at your property. Depending on your schedule, you can choose a morning, afternoon, or evening time slot. 

If you live in a condo or apartment complex and need to use an elevator to move your belongings, you may need to check with the building managers to determine the best time to access the elevators without disrupting other residents. 

How Long Does Delivery Take?

In most cases, deliveries are completed in under five hours. However, the size of your move and the distance movers travel to get to your new home can affect the timeframe, so it’s a good idea to plan extra time for your moving delivery day. 

What Happens If My Driver Is Running Late? 

If your moving day movers are running late from another job, they should contact you as soon as they know of the delay. If they don’t, you can contact your moving company directly to get an update. 

Do I Need to Be There? 

As long as someone is there to let the movers inside, no, you don’t need to be there during moving and deliveries. If your boxes are clearly labeled, and your movers have a floor plan of where everything should go, they can handle everything on moving day. 

However, we always recommend staying onsite to monitor the progress of moving day, check belongings as they come off the truck, and ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Clear a Path 

If you’ve already moved smaller items and are waiting for a moving delivery of your furniture or bigger belongings, ensure there is a clear path and easy access for the movers to get into your home. The moving delivery will be smoother and easier when movers can get in and out quickly. 

On Delivery Day

Now that you’ve prepared for it, here’s what you can expect on moving delivery day. 

Have a Floor Plan Ready 

If you haven’t already given your delivery movers a detailed floor plan of where everything should go, have one ready on moving day. This plan will let movers know exactly where to put things and help them move faster since they won’t need to wait to be told where something goes. 

Stay Updated on Your Delivery 

We recommend keeping your phone close by during moving delivery day — and turning the ringer up! If there are changes or delays to your delivery, the moving team needs to communicate with you quickly to adjust schedules accordingly. You don’t want to miss any delivery updates, so pay close attention to your phone until your delivery movers arrive. 

Check Your Inventory List 

One major moving mistake people make during a move is not creating an inventory list of all their items. When you have an inventory list, you can check off items as they come into your home and make notes right away if anything is missing. 

Inspect the Condition of Each Piece 

As the delivery movers bring furniture and belongings into your home, inspect each piece to check for any damages. Moving companies do their best to protect your belongings fully, but sometimes accidents happen. 

If you find anything is broken or damaged, take thorough notes, then contact your moving company. Many companies, including White Glove Moving, offer moving insurance to cover instances like this, and they will work with you to make things right. 

Check Boxes With High-Value Items 

If any part of your moving delivery contains high-value items, check those as soon as they come inside and compare them against your inventory. Again, note if anything is damaged or missing, then connect with your moving company to find out the next steps. 

What Unpacking Services Can You Expect? 

Do movers unpack for you? They do if you choose to add unpacking services to your moving plan! There are a few common tasks involved with unpacking, but you’ll want to clarify with your moving company which services they include. 

Furniture Assembly 

If any furniture has to be taken apart before moving day, your delivery movers can reassemble it for you in your new home. 


When a company offers unpacking services, this means they are removing items from boxes and placing them out for you to put away. Although, if you need extra assistance organizing some things, you may be able to get help for an additional fee. 

Clean Up

Once all the moving and unpacking is done, your delivery movers can clean up any packing materials, like boxes or Bubble Wrap, and clear them out of your home. If you do the unpacking yourself, you may be able to coordinate with your moving team to have them come back and get the materials at a later date. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Delivery Day 

Here are some commonly asked questions we get surrounding moving delivery day. 

Do I tip my movers? 

Do you tip for white glove furniture delivery? It’s not required or expected, but you can! Delivery movers are paid by the moving company, but if you would like to tip for exceptional service, you are more than welcome to. 

What do I do after the movers leave?

If you ran into any issues or have missing or damaged items, get in touch with your moving company to start getting things sorted. After you do that, it’s time to start settling in! You can continue to unpack and get your home set up, or you can take a well-deserved break and rest after moving day. 

What’s included in a full-service move?

This service may vary from company to company, but usually, a full-service move includes: 

  • Packing your items 
  • Loading the moving truck 
  • Disassembling furniture 
  • Driving to your new home 
  • Unloading the truck 
  • Reassembling furniture 
  • Unpacking your belongings 

Check with your moving company to see if they offer full-service moves and what is included. 

Need Help With an Upcoming Move?

If you have a big move coming up and are looking for an outstanding moving company to help you out, White Glove Moving is here for you. Contact us today to get started.