Tips for Moving into a Smaller Home

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People have varying reasons for hiring New Jersey movers, sometimes the reason is to help them move from a larger, more spacious home into one that is smaller and cozier. Whether it be to cut living cost, down sizing after becoming empty nesters, or needing less space to clean, everyone has different reasons. While there are perks to moving to a smaller home, it can also present a challenge when trying to move in. Because a smaller space means a tight move, we’ve complied this list to help you have an enjoyable experience moving into a smaller space.

  • Take Inventory

If you are planning on moving to a smaller space, you’re going to need to go through everything you own, and get an idea of what you can or want to get rid of prior to moving. Having a complete picture prior to starting to pack will help you have a better grasp on what you have, and what you can afford to get rid of. When taking inventory, don’t forget to include smaller items that you might be tempted to overlook, such as books or movies. Make a list of your favorites, or most read and consider donating the rest.

  • Measure Everything!

One of the first things you’ll need to do, is to measure your furniture and new home to ensure that everything will fit. Create a floor plan, and map out where you want everything to go, and measure to make sure that everything will fit before you actually move anything in. This will prevent you from having to move your furniture around multiple times.

  • Get Organized

You are going to have limited space in your new home, so be sure to choose wisely what you decide to fill that space with. Having excess “stuff” will only make your smaller home feel even smaller. Take some time prior to your move to go through everything and declutter. Make three piles: one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away. This will help you to prioritize your stuff and help you to only keep what you really need or want.

  • Sell or Donate Excess Items   

Moving can be expensive, so try to sell some of your excess items and recoup some of your money. Try selling items online via Craigslist, eBay, or your local classifieds. Notify your friends or family of items you are trying to get rid of, and have them help spread the word.

  • Don’t Put It Off

Don’t wait till the very last minute before your New Jersey movers show up to start downsizing your home. You run the risk of tossing something that you actually need, or might be stuck with too much stuff that doesn’t all fit inside your new home. If you feel overwhelmed in preparing for your move, start by tackling one room at time. Don’t get discouraged. It will be worth it when you get settled and can really start to enjoy your new space!

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