The 9 Best Packing And Moving Tips For Any Family

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the 9 best packing and moving tips for any family
the 9 best packing and moving tips for any family Moving is an exciting time in life. It offers the chance to explore a new home, a new town, a new state. Moving can be a fresh new start. Unfortunately, all of that excitement comes with more than a little stress. Double that if you are moving with your family. There are so many factors to consider when packing and moving with your family and it can be exhausting.

Stress-Free Packing and Moving Tips

Every person and all of their belongings need to be accounted for. All of those things need to be organized if you want any chance of finding things again. And all of this isn’t mentioning any “administrative” tasks. OK, time for a deep breath. Below we outline the best packing and moving tips for your family to help ease your mind about at least one thing about your impending move.

Make a List and Label

There is going to be a lot of stuff that you will have to deal with during a move so save a lot of headache and confusion by making a list and system while packing a moving. Consider creating a labeling system to keep things in order. You can color code or number certain boxes and containers to show that they belong in certain rooms. Doing this will make sure that you can find things after they are packed and that they don’t get lost. Also, keep rooms together. Beyond labels, also make to-do lists for before and after the move to get everything done efficiently.

Come up with an Essentials List

Getting more specific with the list concept, make a separate list for essential items that you will need to function on the night before and after your move. You will need to consider kitchen items for cooking, toiletries, and bed sheets to make your first nights in your new home comfortable. Everything else can be unpacked later on. Make everyone an overnight bag so nothing essential is packed accidentally.

Keep Special Things Separate

There are certain items that you absolutely cannot lose like critical paperwork (birth certificates, social security cards, etc.), and irreplaceable valuables. Create a special space for these items to ensure their safety and pack them beforehand. Make copies of your paperwork as a backup, and also for use if you end up needing them after they are packed.

Have a Conversation with Your Kids

Less stress for your kids means less stress for you. A good way to combat this is to keep them informed and get them involved. Depending on their age, talk with your kids to give them the full rundown on the packing and moving process. They might even want to help out. This is, after all, exciting for both children and adults. If you want, you could even turn the process into a game for your kids. Include visuals like a countdown on a calendar to keep them updated. You can include dates and goals and maybe incorporate rewards for extra helpful behavior.

Consider Furry and Feathery Family Members

These packing and moving tips aren’t just for the humans. Your pets are likely to pick up on everyone’s nervous energy and need special considerations when it comes to packing and moving. Make them an overnight kit as well and include things like their food, litter, treats, toys, and any other items that might help them be comfortable. Consider your smaller pets needs as well. Thinking ahead, find a veterinarian in the new area you are moving to cross that off your to-do list. Also, remember to call their old vet if necessary. If they are microchipped, make sure to update that information with your new address. When the actual moving date arrives, keep them away from the chaos to keep them as calm as possible. Make sure that all of your plants are pet-friendly as well. Since things are being moved around, it can be easy for your pet to be exposed to the plants that they might not have been able to reach in the old set up. After everything is moved, make sure your pet is as calm as possible before letting them out into their new surroundings. It is a heartbreaking reality that pets can easily get lost when in a new area.

Plan Ahead

Since you’re mostly dealing with stuff, getting rid of some of it beforehand might be a good idea. Right when you get the notice that you can move into your new home, plan some events to narrow down how much stuff you will have. Gather items to donate and bring them down to donation centers or schedule a pickup. Get rid of everything that you don’t need Get rid of everything that you don’t need and if you are on the fence about an item, just remember how much hassle you will be saved if you toss it. If the weather and timing permits, consider hosting a moving sale. Schedule a time to disconnect and set up new utilities like internet, cable, electricity, water, and others.

Get All Necessary Supplies

To save stress, don’t skimp on moving supplies. Get all of the boxes, tape, and labels you’ll need to keep your move organized. That being said, consider the supplies you may already have. Suitcases can be used to move items as well as drawers, and some furniture. Just make sure not to over pack certain things making them overly heavy. Also, consider moving blankets to keep your furniture safe.

Plan Meals for the Days Before You Move

One of the best packing and moving tips is meal planning. You’ll likely no longer have access to your kitchen so it will be absolutely essential to have a plan for meals. The nights before and likely after you may want to plan on ordering food. After the move is done, consider eating out. This will be a great chance to try and find a new place in your new town. Pizza isn’t necessarily what you are destined to get, grocery store delis can offer a more diverse range of options to feed your family.

Hire Professionals for Your Next Move

We didn’t get our reputation without reason. The number one way to save stress when moving with a family is to hire professional movers, and White Glove Moving & Storage is here to help. Learn when to tip your White Glove delivery drivers. We can help with local and long distance moves giving you more time to focus on keeping your family comfortable during the process. And remember don’t hesitate to call us if you’re in need of more packing and moving tips. White Glove Packing Moving and Storage is here to help.