Moving Checklist: Help You Get Organized and Reduce Stress


















Anyone who has moved an entire household before will know how stressful and chaotic the experience can be. There is a lot that needs to be done prior to moving to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you’ve decided to tackle the task of moving yourself, or have opted to hire professional movers, there are ways to make things simpler for everyone involved. At White Glove Moving, we have complied a useful moving checklist to help you get organized for your move and to minimize the stress leading up to moving day!

A Month Before the Move

  • Reserve a moving company for your move as soon as you find out you are moving. If you need packing assistance, White Glove Moving offers professional packing services along with moving services.
  • If you are packing your home yourself, purchase the necessary packing supplies.
  • Start to clean out closets, attic, garage, etc.
  • Donate or sell items you don’t want to move with you.
  • Arrange to transfer your children’s school records to the new schools.
  • Get a change of address card from the local post office, or complete the form online.
  • Notify magazines, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs, and other organizations of your change of address.

One to Two Weeks Before Move

  • Make a “survival closet” of things you’ll need for the final clean-up and include snacks for your last day in your current home.
  • If you are packing yourself, be sure to clearly label each box as you pack. Write the room that the contents belong in on the top and sides of the box to ensure that it gets to the right place in your new home. If you are short on time, or over stressed, White Glove Moving offers professional packing services.
  • Schedule disconnect of utilities, such as, gas, electric, water, and telephone. If you have a land line, wait to disconnect until after your move. Arrange for all refunds on deposits that are due, and schedule connections for your new home.
  • Arrange to cancel all extra services that you receive, such as, cable, internet, home security, pest control, law maintenance, etc.

The Week of the Move

  • Mail in your change of address form.
  • Clean the stove and finish up any last-minute cleaning before moving day.
  • Finish up packing and be sure that all items are boxed and ready to go prior to movers showing up on moving day.
  • Disconnect appliances such as washer or dryer.

The Day Before the Move

  • Clean out refrigerator, defrost and let dry.
  • Make a stop to the ATM and get cash to tide you over. Cash comes in handy to order food during your move, paying tolls along the route to your new home, or tips.
  • Say your goodbyes to neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.

Moving Day

  • Pack a suitcase full of all of the essentials to tide you over for the next few days, until you can get around to unpacking.
  • Be sure you are around when the movers show up, so you can walk them through your home and indicate what you need moved, the do not pack zone, and anything else that they need to be aware of.
  • Once the moving truck is packed, do a final walk through of your home to ensure you have everything. Check to make sure that all windows and exterior doors are locked. Turn off all lights and turn the thermostat down or off before leaving for the last time.

At White Glove Moving, we take great pride in helping you with your move, whether it is across town, or across the state. We know that moving is a stressful time for all involved, which is why we are committed to helping you have a pleasant experience. Contact us today to schedule your next move, and check the first box off your moving checklist!

Check out our infographic on this topic!