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The decision to move is never an easy one, and it’s even more challenging when the move entails a drastic change of scenery, culture, and climate. Such is the case for families planning to migrate from New Jersey to Indiana. Eleven hours away by car or two hours away by plane, these states are separated by more than just physical difference. As you’ll see, though, these differences are often a welcome change for recent transplants, and Indiana has much to offer new residents.

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Benefits of Living in Indiana

If you’re wondering what to expect from job openings, the housing market, and local culture, this guide can help you prep for the big move and understand what lies ahead. The Hoosier State is a beautiful place to call home, and your move can be the start of an amazing new opportunity for your family. New Jersey migrants and anybody else considering calling Indiana home can benefit from the following facts and info.


Indiana Job Market Is Different Than New Jersey’s

Whether you’ve already secured a job or plan to search after your arrival, you should understand the dynamics of the Indiana job market. There are several key differences between New Jersey and Indiana job markets, with the most notable being the unemployment rates of the two states. As of January 2021, New Jersey reported 7.9% unemployment amongst its work force, whereas in March, Indiana reported 3.9%. This staggering difference indicates a much more fertile job market in the Hoosier state, which is a good sign for any families relocating to Indiana.

The other notable difference between the job markets is the industries which dominate the economy. The biggest industries in New Jersey include pharmaceuticals, information technology, transportation, and logistics. The dominant sectors in Indiana, by contrast, are manufacturing, agriculture, mining and service industries. This is good news for anybody who is seeing employment in any of the latter categories, and it also indicates diverse opportunities for transplants.


The Indiana Lifestyle is Slower Paced

One of the biggest concerns families often have when moving to a new place is whether the area lifestyle will align with their own. It is true that moving from New Jersey to Indiana might be a major change, but that change could be a good thing, especially for families who happen to be seeking a slower pace. What exactly makes for this slower pace of life? For starters, Indiana’s population density is a fraction of New Jersey’s—and more space can certainly be appealing.

While New Jersey boasts 1,211.3 residents per square mile, Indiana barely approaches that statistic, with only 186.8 residents per square mile. Many find that a less dense population and an abundance of space allows for a more family-oriented lifestyle. Less traffic and smaller communities also contribute to the overall slower paced lifestyle that Indiana residents enjoy.


Indiana Culture is Family-Oriented

While the slower paced lifestyle draws all types of people to Indiana, families in particular are often attracted to the Hoosier state. Many find that Indiana is a family-oriented place with abundant opportunities for youngsters, great schools for kids of all ages, and communities that foster familial growth. Whether you have kids already or plan to start after settling down in your new home, Indiana is a welcoming environment for families looking to build a home.

There are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy throughout the state of Indiana. There are plenty of museums and discovery centers for exploration and adventure. Theme parks and fun centers abound, too, offering entertainment for the whole family. If you seek live entertainment, there are many theaters in Indiana that welcome families for plays, music, and other live engagements, too.


The Housing Market is Ripe

If you have decided to move from New Jersey to Indiana, you likely already know that the housing market in the latter is favorable to new homebuyers. Transplants are often impressed by Indiana’s low home prices, expansive square footage, and attractive communities. These are just a few of the factors that draw new residents to the state in the first place.

According to Zillow, the typical home value of homes in New Jersey is $382,096, whereas the typical home value of homes in Indiana is $174,901. This stark contrast reveals that homes are simply more affordable in Indiana than they are in New Jersey—great news for families who are headed west!

In addition to this difference in home price, the market in Indiana is reported to be resilient and hospitable to buyers seeking to get a home at a bargain. Though it fluctuates, like any other market, it remains one of the most favorable places in the U.S. for buyers who are seeking to purchase a home in a family-oriented community.


Low Expenses and Cost of Living

Houses are not the only thing in Indiana that is more affordable for New Jersey transplants. The general cost of living, too, may prove to be more affordable in the Hoosier state. Indiana, in fact, is in the top ten states with the lowest cost of living. This distinction explains why it is such a popular destination for transplants looking to settle down and establish their home. With the money you save on living expenses in Indiana, you can build up your savings, invest in kids’ college funds, or enjoy extra activities that might otherwise be unaffordable. While expenses in Indiana may rank low, its charm ranks high, and New Jersey movers are likely to fall in love with the state’s welcoming environment.

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