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  • Please complete this form entirely to formally request a First Available Date for delivery and to initiate your delivery window.

    You will receive a copy of your responses via email as soon as this form is submitted.

    Once your date is declared, you may not be able to change it. Delivery can be as early as your First Available Date, or up to and within however many business days as noted in your order (also selected below).

    Please be sure to refer to your Order For Service for all move costs, delivery windows, payment requirements as well as terms and conditions.

    Please call our Client Services Team at 201-653-1511 , Option 7 or email with any questions.

    White Glove Moving and Storage looks forward to working with you and completing your move with excellence!

  • Basic Move and Contact Information

  • You may find your order number on your order for service. It is a 6 digit number following the letter “L”.

  • Long Distance Delivery Information

  • Your First Available Date for delivery is defined as the first full day that you have possession of the delivery address and an authorized party will be present and able to receive delivery. We require 2-4 business days notice to start your delivery window. Your Fist Available Date cannot be sooner than the day after your pickup date.

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  • All long distance deliveries are completed with a delivery window. Your delivery window starts on the First Available Date selected above. Delivery can occur as early as your First Available Date and up to and within the number of business days indicated in your Order For Service. Please confirm your delivery window below.