Your Packing Checklist

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packing checklist

Moving home can be a complicated business, but if you are organized, it makes everything much simpler. A room-by-room packing checklist is a tool that helps you work methodically.

Good Housekeeping recommends that five weeks before your moving date you should get your room-by-room packing checklist ready and begin to pack. Be sure to keep all your checklists together in a folder so they are easily accessible.


  • Discard any perishable food items that will not be used before you go.
  • Pass on opened glass bottles of jam or chutney that can still be used.
  • Check that your removal company is prepared carry cleaning chemicals, and if not, give them away.
  • Wrap little-used china and glassware carefully in bubble wrap during the first round of packing.
  • Pack pots and pans, crockery, flatware and small appliances into suitable boxes with plenty of packing paper to fill any gaps.

Although you don’t pack large appliances, such as your stove, washer, dishwasher, refrigerator and dryer, into boxes, some preparation is needed to get them ready to move. For example, the fridge needs to be turned off and emptied 24 hours before the move, the stove needs to be cleaned and the drum of the washer has to be secured.

Living Room

  • Check manuals, online if you don’t have your own, on how to pack electronic equipment, such as TV, computers and home theater.
  • Package your audiovisual media, such as DVDs and Blue-ray disks, so they are protected.
  • Pack books in small cartons so each container is easy to carry.
  • Place framed photos into a box so they stand on edge and are shielded with secure packaging.
  • Separate lamp shades from bases and pack each item, including the bulbs and harps, into well padded boxes.
  • Ensure rugs are cleaned and well dried before moving day.


  • Follow the same procedure with TVs, electronic equipment and lamps as you do in the living room.
  • Send unwanted clothes to your nearest charity shop.
  • Pack small clothing items in cartons and hanging items in wardrobe boxes.
  • Keep jewelry aside to travel with you when you relocate.
  • Place curtains in wardrobe boxes or fold them carefully to place in smaller cartons.
  • Use pillows as box padding where necessary.
  • Wash and dry bed linen, place it in big plastic bags and pack it into boxes.


  • Discard expired items or give away products that won’t travel well.
  • Seal all bottles and containers into plastic bags in case they leak during transit.
  • Keep aerosol cans aside, to either throw out before you leave or take with you when you move.
  • Wash and dry bathroom linen, place it in big plastic bags and pack it into boxes.

Garage and Garden

  • Bundle long-handle tools, such as rakes, shovels and brooms, together, and secure them with twine.
  • Drain power tools of gas and oil, and remove the attachments.
  • Cover sharp edges of tools to protect them and yourself.
  • Pack power tools, attachments and hand tools in boxes.
  • Dismantle and clean items like patio umbrellas and furniture or kids’ playground sets.
  • Remove the propane tank from the grill and dispose of unused charcoal.

Check with your removal company about what items they won’t transport. These usually include, but are not limited to, paint and paint thinners, gasoline, propane cylinders and maintenance chemicals.

Whether you download checklists from the internet or draw up your own lists, a room-by-room packing checklist is a tremendous help through an extremely busy time. Because you’ve packed your belongings into labeled boxes one room at a time, it’s a simple matter to match boxes with rooms at your new home.