The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist for Moving in 2023

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So you’ve made the big decision – you’re moving! You’ve entrusted your precious belongings to a top-notch white glove moving company. Now, you’re ready to focus on the next essential task – the change of address checklist. It might seem daunting, but worry not!

We’re here to make it simple, fun, and, dare we say, thrilling!

The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist for Moving in 2023

Let’s dive into our ultimate change of address checklist that will turn you into the moving maestro you were always meant to be.

Send a Message to the Post Office (But Not on a Postcard):
We don’t want your mail piling up at your old address like it’s having a reunion. Alert the post office of your move by completing a change of address form online.

A few clicks, and voilà – your mail will follow you to your new abode like a loyal pet.

Hello, Utilities! It’s Me, Your Soon-to-be Ex:
You wouldn’t ghost your ex without saying goodbye, right? (Well, maybe, but not in this case.)

Make sure to contact your utility providers – water, electricity, gas, and internet – to let them know about your move. Schedule disconnections at your old home and reconnections at your new one. You’ll be Netflix-and-chilling in no time.

Banks, Credit Cards, and Investments – Oh My!
Don’t let the money trail go cold. Inform your banks, credit card companies, and investment firms of your new address.

After all, who doesn’t love receiving crisp bank statements and new credit cards at their shiny new home?

The Department of Motor Vehicles – It’s License to Update:
The DMV might not be the most glamorous destination, but they need to know where you’re headed.

Update your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and voter registration with your new address. You’ll be cruising around your new neighborhood legally and in style.

Insurance Companies – Keep Your Safety Net Intact:
Whether it’s health, car, or renter’s insurance, you’ll want to keep your policies up to date. Give your insurance providers a heads-up about your move to ensure you’re covered from day one in your new home.

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Oh, Doctor! Time for a Check-Up:
Your medical providers – doctors, dentists, and specialists – need your new address to keep your records accurate.

Who knows, they might even send you a congratulatory postcard (not that you’ll need it with this checklist in hand).

Subscriptions – A Mover’s Guilty Pleasure:
Magazines, streaming services, meal kits, and more – update your subscriptions with your new address.

After all, you don’t want the new tenants enjoying your curated collection of artisanal cheeses.

Friends and Family – Share the Joy:
Finally, make sure your loved ones are in the loop.

Send out a witty e-card or a classy snail-mail announcement to let them know where to send the housewarming gifts (and which white glove moving company you used to make it all possible).

There you have it, our ultimate change of address checklist. Now, you can enjoy your move with the confidence that every essential detail has been taken care of.

Welcome to your new home – you’ve earned it!