How to Pack Clothes for Moving

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Moving can feel very overwhelming. You have to pack up your entire house, disassemble furniture, and make a moving day plan to ensure everything goes smoothly. It may be tempting to throw non-breakable items like clothing haphazardly into boxes or bags so you have more time to focus on other things. However, this can increase stress levels when it’s time to unpack

You can save a lot of time in the long run by packing clothes correctly. If you don’t know where to start, we can help. Here is the best way to pack clothes for moving.  

Downsize Your Wardrobe

Moving is the perfect opportunity to go through your wardrobe and remove clothing you don’t need. The fewer clothing items you have, the fewer boxes you’ll need. Things to get rid of include

  • Outdated clothes
  • Worn-out or torn clothes
  • Items that no longer fit 
  • Clothes you haven’t worn in the last year
  • Clothing your children have outgrown
  • Any clothing you won’t need if you’re moving to a different climate

Do Your Laundry 

Make sure to wash your clothes before packing for a move. Clothes may stay in boxes longer than you planned, which means soiled or stained clothes will get worse. Also, cleaning your clothes before you move instead of keeping them in hampers will make them easier to sort and quicker to put away. 

Group Your Clothes

Sorting your clothes before packing for a move will make unpacking go faster. Some ways to sort clothes include

  • Sort by person. Sorting clothes this way ensures boxes end up in the same room, so you won’t have to go back and forth between rooms while unpacking.
  • Sort by season. Pack your winter clothes separately from your summer clothes. Because you won’t need them simultaneously, separating them can help you unpack the items you need first.
  • Sort by piece. By packing all of your pants together, you’ll have a box ready to unload into the dresser. The same goes for shirts or dresses. You can quickly hang the contents of the entire box in the closet.
  • Sort by material. It’s wise to separate delicate fabrics to keep them safe during the move.
  • Sort by outfit. If you have certain looks you want to keep together, you can pack them in the same box, so they’re easy to find when you unpack.

Options for Storing and Packing Your Clothes

Several items can be used to store and pack clothes for a move. Common items include

  • Cardboard boxes. These are great for packing folded clothes.
  • Luggage. If you don’t have cardboard boxes, you can utilize your luggage for packing folded clothes and shoes.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags. Using vacuum bags can help condense bulky clothes like coats and jackets.
  • Wardrobe boxes. These are excellent for packing clothes on hangers, making unpacking much easier and faster.
  • Bags. Use dust, dry cleaner, or garbage bags as a cheaper alternative for keeping your clothes on their hangars.

Packing Your Dresser

Packing clothing in your dresser can be done in one of two ways.

Keep Clothes in Drawers

If you have lighter items in your drawers, you may be able to keep them there without having to box them up. However, you should remove the drawers and move them separately from the dresser because your clothes can make the dresser much heavier. You can stack your drawers on top of each other in the moving truck. By packing this way, you won’t have to reorganize when you get to your new home. 

Pack In Medium Boxes

Clothes can get heavy fast. If you want to pack your clothes in boxes, use medium boxes instead of large ones to prevent too much weight. Make sure to choose boxes with a sturdy base and pack heavy items like jeans and jackets first, then add lighter clothing like shirts and socks.

Folding Clothes for Packing

There are multiple ways to fold clothes for packing, but these are the most common methods.

  • Flat fold. This method is great for bulky clothing like jackets and jeans. It’s best for packing clothes in boxes or vacuum bags.
  • Roll. The rolling method is perfect for clothing like dresses and shirts. It’s best for packing clothes in luggage.

Packing Clothes With Other Items

To save space, you can pack your clothes with other items in the room. Choose lightweight items like pillows or stuffed animals for balanced weight in each box. You can also use your clothes to cushion breakable items like fragile decorations.

How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving

The easiest way to transport clothes is to leave as many on hangers as possible. You can transport them in wardrobe boxes that come with hangers or use trash bags for a low-budget option. Simply slip your clothes through the bag and tighten the drawstring around the hanger hooks. For delicate items, consider using garment bags to prevent them from getting damaged or dirty during the move.

Packing Clothing Accessories

Follow the tips below to pack your accessories safely.

  • Shoes. Pack shoes in a separate box or use shoe bags to prevent getting your clothes dirty. You can also stuff your shoes with socks to save a little space. 
  • Purses and bags. Stuff handbags with crumpled paper to help them keep their shape. Ensure all zippers and buttons are closed, so they don’t snag on other items.
  • Belts and ties. Roll belts and ties and secure them with string, so they don’t unravel during transport.
  • Hats. Fold and stack your hats in a box or stuff the crown of the hats with paper for extra protection.

Pack a Suitcase for the Move

The last thing you’ll want to do after a long day of moving is sort through boxes trying to find your toothbrush or pajamas. You can make moving day easier by packing a suitcase of essential items you’ll need for the first few days in your new home. This should include two to three outfits.

When to Start Packing Clothes for Moving

Start planning your packing process four to six weeks before your move. You should start packing your clothes two to three weeks before moving, beginning with clothes you won’t need before the move. 

Will Movers Pack Clothes for You?

Most full-service moving companies will help you pack clothes for a move. Our moving team at White Glove Moving & Storage can help you pack and unpack your belongings to make moving day easier. Contact us today to learn more about how we help our customers have a seamless moving experience.