4 Things You Need To Do Before White Glove Movers Arrive

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Hiring seasoned and trustworthy white glove movers is a terrific method to simplify your relocation and make sure your valuables get to your new home securely. Moving companies can help you with more than just packing and storing your belongings; they can also disassemble and reassemble furniture, uninstall and install appliances, and more.

white glove movers

However, white glove movers aren’t invincible. To make sure everything goes smoothly, there are still a number of things you’ll need to take care of before they get here. We’ll give you a list of four things to do in this article to get ready for the movers. Learn more by reading on.

How do I get ready for movers?

On the big moving day, every action you take to get ready before your white glove movers arrive can save you time, trouble, and stress.

Before your professional white glove movers show up, think about carrying out some or all of the following:

Before the movers arrive, get rid of or give away all the things you don’t want to move to your new home. In the event that this is not feasible, place these items aside in a designated area and inform your movers that they will not be moving that stuff.

Whether you pack your belongings yourself or with the assistance of the movers, making sure everything is properly labeled can make unpacking much simpler and stop large and heavy items from becoming lost.

All of your belongings, including cash, jewelry, small devices, and other items, should be gathered up in advance and brought with you. This will save them from becoming lost while you are moving or while you are selling your house.

Kids and animals can end up hurting or obstructing the white glove movers if they are allowed to run around while moving. It is therefore advisable to leave them in the care of a friend or relative while you handle the transfer. You can always hire a babysitter or pet sitter if that isn’t an option.

white glove moving service

Do dresser drawers need to be emptied for movers?
Depending on what’s in them. Clothes don’t typically need to be taken off because they won’t get ruined during the move. However, if your solid wood dresser is already incredibly heavy, you might still need to empty it of its contents to make it more manageable.

To avoid damage during the move or having them considerably add to the weight of the dresser, fragile or heavy objects that are in your drawers should be removed beforehand.

Where can I locate reliable white glove movers from New York?
It’s no secret that moving can be quite time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re going far away. Even worse, if improper moving techniques are used, irreplaceable items may easily be lost or harmed during the move.

Due to this, hiring the best moving company is essential if you want to guarantee that your entire family has a positive moving experience. With our experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art tools, White Glove Moving and Storage can offer you the best white glove moving service in New York.

While you relax in Central Park or take care of the rest of your moving-related tasks, we will gladly handle all of your packing and moving-related needs. Make a quick long-distance moving appointment with White Glove Moving today.