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Moving is never easy. Factor in a couple state border crossings and a completely new environment as your new home and relocating becomes even more challenging. Knowing what to expect during your move from New Jersey to Virginia can reduce the inevitable stress and make the process smoother. You’ll be able to avoid mistakes that many other movers make when they go to live far away. 

One mistake to be wary of is to assume that a long-distance move is the same as switching to a nearby neighborhood. Even if you have moved locally before, moving from one state to another includes logistics and steps you may not be prepared for. For example, when you move across state lines, you can’t do multiple trips back and forth between the old and new property. The second the moving truck leaves, everything has to be packed and ready to go.

A trusted, professional moving company can reduce the challenges that come with long-distance moves. They have experience, and know all the tips and tricks to simplify moving. You can rest easy knowing they will transport your belongings safely to your new home. Call a moving company to help with your NJ to VA move so you can focus on saying goodbye to your current home and settling into your new one. 

White Glove’s Long Distance Moving Services from NJ to VA

White Glove Moving & Storage has helped thousands of New Jersey residents move within and out of the state. We are licensed to perform long-distance and local moves in New Jersey, New York, and around the U.S. Our full suite of moving services include packing and unpacking your furniture and belongings, as well as transporting and a variety of storage solutions.

We are also trained to handle fragile, difficult-to-move items including grand pianos, antiques, fine art, and more. Your belongings will arrive in the exact same condition as when they were packed. Let us take care of the NJ to VA moving process for you. Our services include:


We use high-quality packing materials to wrap furniture and secure your belongings in packing boxes. Our professional team treats your belongings with extreme care.


When the moving truck rolls up to your new home in Virginia, our team starts unloading and unpacking your belongings. We can also reassemble your furniture and arrange your items in your new home.

Antique & Fine Art:

Your antiques and fine art deserve to be treated with the utmost care, which is why all of our antique movers go through a rigorous training program before they pick up your belongings.

Piano Moving:

Using equipment specifically designed for the task, our experienced teams can move your piano up and down any number of stairs. We have the expertise to move grand pianos and antique pianos.


To show our appreciation to those who serve our country, we offer discounted services to members of the military.


If you’re not ready to move everything into your home, or perhaps you’re downsizing during the move from NJ to VA, you can take advantage of our secure storage facility.


Our services extend overseas. We offer several relocation services to those leaving the U.S.

Custom Crating:

For the items that require special packaging, our in-house carpenter will build custom crating materials.

What to Know About Moving From New Jersey to Virginia

These two Atlantic coast states have many similarities, which is perhaps why so many New Jersey residents move to Virginia. They are only a couple of states away from each other. Each has a mix of big urban cities and smaller, historic towns, and both states have more than eight million people living within their borders.

But there are also many ways that Virginia and New Jersey differ. Their populations are similar in size, but Virginia has 42,775 square miles while New Jersey has only 8,729 square miles. That extra space means that many Virginia cities are less densely populated. There are far more rural towns and pristine, open spaces. 

The Appalachian mountains call many New Jersey residents to Virginia, but the state’s charming coastal cities also have a lot to offer. This is what you can expect when moving from New Jersey to Virginia:

Northern Virginia and the rest of Virginia are not the same

There is a stark difference between the D.C. territory of Northern Virginia and the rest of the state. The D.C. area has far more traffic and congestion than other areas of the state. Plus, it is more diverse than the rest of Virginia. There are international immigrants as well as interstate transplants who have chosen to settle in D.C. It is a true melting pot.

Virginia has many military bases

There are 27 military bases in Virginia. Even if you’re not living next to a base, you’ll likely have one within close proximity. You’ll also likely brush shoulders with military families while living here. If you are a military family, you will have lots of families to connect with!

The cost of living is not the cheapest

The median cost of a home is more expensive in New Jersey ($329,300), but it’s not much lower in Virginia ($258,400). If you’re moving to Northern Virginia, you can expect to keep paying high prices for your home and other living expenses. Prices drop off markedly as you leave the D.C. territory and head towards the state’s capital, Richmond, or the mountains to the west.

There are lots of wide open spaces and vineyards

Public lands cover about 3.7 million acres in Virginia. There is the national seashore at Assateague Island, the Mount Rogers National Recreation Areas in southwest Virginia, and so much more to see and do.

Virginia also has a strong wine culture. There are more than 250 vineyards in the state. With so much open space, it’s easy to get some fresh air and experience nature. Why not sip on some Virginia-made wine while you’re taking in the beautiful scenery of the state?

 Professional New Jersey to Virginia Movers

Partner with a professional moving company to help with your move from New Jersey to Virginia. White Glove Moving & Storage has extensive experience in long-distance moves, and we would love to help make your move effortless. 

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