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When preparing to move from New Jersey to Florida, it’s easy to get caught up in the exciting aspects of the move. You’ll soon be in a new home in a new neighborhood in a new city and state! But long-distance moves can be very stressful, too. There is a lot of planning and coordination that goes into organizing the move from New Jersey to Florida. The process of moving all of your possessions across state lines can quickly become complicated. It’s advisable to partner with a dependable moving company that specializes in long-distance moves and knows how to organize all of the logistics.  A professional moving company will take care of your belongings, and the movers will transport them safely from New Jersey to Florida. As you plan your new life in New Jersey, the moving company will take care of everything else.

White Glove NJ to FL Moving Services

White Glove Moving & Storage is licensed to perform local and long-distance moves in New York, New Jersey, and around the U.S. We provide a full suite of moving services, including packing the belongings in your old home, transporting your items safely across the country, unloading and unpacking boxes, and setting up your furniture in your new home. If you have items that are fragile or difficult to move, such as a grand piano, we can provide custom crating and move the items carefully out of your current home and into your new one. We bring decades of experience to every move.  There’s no doubt that moving is stressful, but as your NJ to FL movers, we will do what we can to make the moving process a little smoother. We offer extensive moving services, including:    


We’ll can take care of all the packing and wrapping of furniture to ensure that every item arrives in the same condition that it left in. We use high-quality packing materials that will keep your belongings safe during the journey from NJ to FL.


As soon as our moving truck pulls up to your new home, we unload, unwrap and re assemble the furniture and boxes and can even unpack your boxes.

Antique & Fine Art:

Our antique movers go through a rigorous training program to learn the best ways to pack and transport your most valuable belongings.

Piano moving:

We have the proper equipment and experience to move even the largest pianos up and down several flights of stairs.


We appreciate those who serve our country, which is why we offer discounted packing, unpacking, and other services to members of the military.


Not ready to move everything into your new home? No problem. We provide secure storage services for all our customers.


Our services extend beyond the country’s borders. We can help you with every step of your international move.

Custom Crating:

For the items that require extra protection, our in-house carpenter will build custom crates.

Tips for Moving from NJ to FL

New Jersey and Florida differ in many ways, which is why moving between the two states requires some adjustment. Florida has a different climate, culture, and cuisine than New Jersey. First of all, you’ll want to trade your winter jackets and boots for a rain jacket and sandals. Florida has a tropical and subtropical climate, which means that the weather is usually hot, humid, and rainy. With all that sun, you can enjoy Florida’s gorgeous beaches and fun amusement parks year-round.   There’s a lot to look forward to when moving to Florida. But, it is going to take some time to get used to the Sunshine State. As you set up your new home in Florida, there are some ways of life to which you’ll become accustomed:

Alligators are a real danger

For the most part, alligators and Florida residents have learned to peacefully coexist in this state. Still, you should keep your distance from these massive reptiles. When living in Florida, never swim in waters where large alligators are known to live, and you shouldn’t let your dogs or small children near those bodies of water, either. You should also know that it is illegal to feed alligators.

And, so are hurricanes.

Dealing with hurricanes is just a part of life for Floridians. Hurricanes and large storms typically hit during hurricane season, which lasts from June to the end of November. Keep an emergency kit at home, with essentials such as water, food, and a first aid kit. 

Say goodbye to state taxes

Many retirees flee to Florida, and it’s not just for the warm weather. Florida does not collect state income taxes, so residents can enjoy a little more cash in their pockets. Instead, Florida relies on sales taxes. But even with a bump in sales taxes, this state maintains one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation. 

Beat the summer heat with water

Florida temperatures don’t usually pass 95°F, but the humidity levels can hover around 90% in the summers. The humidity and intense heat of the sun will make you want to stay in a pool all day long. Luckily, you can splash around in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, and there are plenty of inland lakes and canals to bask in.

You live in a tourist destination

Not many people plan a family vacation to New Jersey, but plenty of families travel to Florida to visit DisneyWorld and Universal Studios, relax on the beaches, or depart for a cruise. The amount of places to visit is exciting, but it can also be anxiety-inducing if you don’t plan your trips right. Avoid tourist destinations during popular travel times, such as spring break and around Christmas.

Professional NJ to FL Moving Services

Make your move from NJ to FL a little easier by partnering with a professional, licensed moving company. The experienced movers at White Glove Moving & Storage can get all your belongings from NJ to FL safely and quickly. We have been in the moving industry for more than 25 years, and we have helped hundreds of families just like you with their long-distance moves. As NJ to FL movers, we would love to help your family. Complete our online form or give us a call at (800) 340-1911 to request a free quote.  

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