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Benefits of Living in Michigan

If you’ve currently got a major move from New York to Michigan circled in red on your calendar, you may be wondering what to expect from your new home in the Great Lakes State. Though New York and Michigan may be separated by distance, the two could have more in common than you might think. As you prepare for your move, it’s important to understand the climate, economy, culture, traditions and more that make up this unique northern state. Here’s what you could expect when gearing up for a big move from New York all the way to Michigan.

Enjoy the

Beauty of the Great Lakes

If you’re accustomed to spending your weekends boating on local lakes or hiking with friends and family in the Catskills, moving to Michigan could feel natural to you. That’s because Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline anywhere in the world, is filled with natural sights and boasts numerous lakes. The Great Lakes, cited in the state’s nickname itself, are perhaps the most famous ones, but don’t miss out on other popular tourist destinations. For instance, Lake Leelanau and Lake Charlevoix are both favored lakes in the northern part of the state, and offer great fishing and opportunities for boating and kayaking.

Both New York and Michigan Boast

Four Seasons With Snowy Winters

When you leave New York for Michigan, you won’t have to worry about adjusting to a shockingly different climate, especially if you’re originally from the northern part of New York. Both New York and Michigan have famously cold and snowy winters while still enjoying the four classic seasons. Though Michigan’s winters may be better known for bringing deep snows and chills, they may not be significantly colder than what you’re used to in New York. In Michigan, you can usually expect to see:

  • Snowy winters
  • Sometimes unpredictable weather
  • Warm, pleasant summers
  • Vibrant fall foliage

The Michigander Culture Is

Outdoorsy, Hardy and Welcoming

Depending on which part of New York you’re from, the typical Michigan culture may feel new and refreshing. Similarly to Upstate New York – but perhaps unlike New York City and its metro area – the Michigander culture is typically outdoorsy and friendly. In this state, you might notice:

  • Classic Midwestern culture with a twist
  • A love for the outdoors
  • A hardy and resilient mentality
  • A welcoming, friendly approach to outsiders

You’ll Get To Explore Unique

Northern Culinary and Cultural Traditions

One major cultural difference between New York and Michigan is the local food. While New York is a diverse state with residents from all over the world, Michigan’s unique heritage has resulted in highly distinctive culinary and cultural traditions. Once you’ve settled down in your new home, be sure to try some of the local delicacies that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. A few notable examples include pasties and paczkis, or jam-filled donuts, inspired by the traditional dishes of Polish immigrants. Other classic Michigan foods include tart cherries, Mackinac Island fudge, Detroit-style pizza and even Kellogg’s cereal, which is headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Michigan Offers

Top-Notch Higher Education Opportunities

Coming from New York, you’re likely accustomed to a high-quality level of public education and numerous top-notch in-state universities. Fortunately, you won’t have to compromise on education by moving to Michigan! The state offers a wide selection of well-ranked colleges and universities ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large technological and research universities. This may be especially important for you if you plan to raise a family in Michigan. Some of the state’s top schools to check out include:

  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Technology University
  • Calvin University
  • Hillsdale College

Michigan’s Job Sectors Differ From New York’s

Although Michigan and New York both boast strong and diverse economies, the sectors that make up Michigan’s economy often look different from those that tend to make up New York’s. As an example, New York is typically well known for its legal firms, its governmental positions, its banking and trading opportunities and so on. On the other hand, Michigan’s core industries tend to be manufacturing, fishing and agriculture, tourism, medical devices, the automotive sector and the hospitality industry. If your job falls into one of these latter categories, moving to Michigan could potentially be a boon for your career.

Explore Outdoor Hobbies and

Enjoy a High Quality of Life

If you’re an outdoorsy person and usually enjoy exploring the wild nature of Upstate New York, you’re in luck. Michigan is well known for its high quality of life and abundance of outdoor activities, making it the ideal place for adventurers to relocate. In Michigan, you’ll find numerous popular outdoor activities suited to every season. In fact, you may be able to gain new outdoorsy hobbies and seamlessly incorporate them into your lifestyle. For example, you’re never too far away in Michigan from an opportunity to go:

  • Canoeing or kayaking
  • Dog sledding
  • Fishing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Golfing
  • Camping

White Glove’s Long Distance Price Lock Guarantee

White Glove is proud to be the only Long-Distance mover in New Jersey & New York to offer, “Long-Distance Price Lock.

This means the price we quote you before your move is always the price you pay after the move. 

No hidden fees, no circumstantial costs, no nickel or diming you for things you didn’t agree to. That’s one of the ways we make your moving day a White Glove experience. Learn more about other commitments we make to our customers.

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