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Benefits of Living in Kentucky

So, you're leaving New York and heading south. Kentucky is a solid choice, with its world-famous bourbon, thoroughbred horses, and fried chicken. Living in the Bluegrass State may feel a bit different. Strangers will probably wave to you as they drive by, and they will definitely strike up a conversation with you in the grocery store check-out line.

Here are some important things to know about the Commonwealth of Kentucky before you go.

Enjoy a Low Cost of Living

Based on a national average cost of living index of 100, Kentucky scores an impressively low 83.6, far less than New York’s 132.1. With a median home cost of $146,400, you can afford much more house in Kentucky than you could in your former state. As far as taxes go, Kentucky ranks right in the middle of the country at #21. Income taxes are ranked low, but property taxes are high, and sales taxes fall right at average. Regardless, Kentucky’s tax situation is a big improvement over what you’re used to in the Empire State.

Kentucky's Steady Economy

Kentucky is ranked 29th in the U.S. for economic performance based on GDP growth, cumulative domestic migration, and non-farm employment growth. Kentucky does not have a state-mandated minimum wage, using the federal minimum of $7.25. Job outlook in the state does look positive for the future, with several large corporations headquartered there, with the top ten including Yum! Brands, Texas Roadhouse, ResCare, Humana, Kindred Healthcare, AW Restaurants, Fruit of the Loom, Grupo Antonlin, KFC, and Papa John’s Pizza.

Get Ready for

Some Wild Weather

Like New York, Kentucky experiences all four seasons throughout the state, including mild springs, hot summers, pleasant autumns, and cold winters that see a bit of snow. One thing that will be a change for you is the propensity for tornadoes in the area. Kentucky is located right in Tornado Alley and, while they are not frequent (averaging ten per year), they can be devastating. Be sure to carry ample insurance and identify a safe, interior room on the lowest floor of your new home. The state is also prone to flooding in the spring due to heavy rainfall and snow thaw.

Treat Yourself to

Fabulous Food

The Kentucky hot brown is famous for a reason: an open-faced sandwich with bacon, turkey, sometimes ham, tomatoes and pimentos, topped with Mornay sauce and baked to a crispy, bubbly brown. Another Kentucky staple is burgoo, a mysterious, spicy stew made with chicken, mutton, pork or, more traditionally, venison or rabbit. The rest of the recipe varies from one restaurant or cook to another. Don’t forget about drinks! Of course, southern sweet tea is a staple, but the state is also the home of the Kentucky mint julep. With freshly muddled mint leaves, bourbon, sugar and water, this simple drink is perfect for watching horse races or socializing on the front porch.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Mammoth Cave National Park is one of the largest known cave systems in the world, with more than 400 miles of passages surveyed and an estimated 600 miles yet unexplored. For those who’d prefer sunlit, above-ground outdoor entertainment, check out one of the state’s other five national parks. On a moonlit night, visit Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, home of “Niagara of the South,” a 68-foot tall, 125-foot wide waterfall that showcases the only “moonbow” in the Western Hemisphere. You’ll find no shortage of outdoor activities, with sixteen towns in Kentucky designated as Trail Towns, part of an organized system to make nature accessible through hiking, horseback riding, and cycling.

Tour the Home of Bourbon

95% of the world’s supply of bourbon is crafted in Kentucky, with approximately 9 million barrels currently aging at any given time. In 1999, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail was established to assist visitors in exploring the bourbon facilities located throughout the state. The 70-mile trail includes 38 distilleries and brings 2.5 million visitors to Kentucky each year. The most famous distilleries lie in the Bluegrass Region between Lexington and Louisville, including Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam American Stillhouse, Wild Turkey, and Maker’s Mark.

Kentucky has a Lack of Diversity

Kentucky is ranked as the 22nd most densely populated state in the country, with 109.9 people per square mile, and the state has recorded population growth every decade. There is a pattern of migration toward urban areas of the state, and rural poverty is rampant. The state is predominantly Christian, with 76% of the population claiming Christ-based faith. If you’re hoping to find diversity rivaling that of New York in your new state, prepare for disappointment; at 86.95% white, Kentucky is extremely homogeneous. The Black population that once made up 25% of the state has dwindled to 8%, and Kentucky ranks in the bottom 10 states in Hispanic population.

Kentucky is filled with

Popular Attractions

Kentucky is home to a number of popular tourist attractions, particularly in Louisville, which offers Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom theme park, the popular Louisville Mega Cavern, and the world-famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. Just north of Lexington is the Kentucky Horse Park, a working horse farm. Muhammad Ali Center. Shaker Village, with its wildlife preserve including 40 miles of hiking trails and 34 original Shaker houses filled with historic items from the 1800s. Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville.

You'll Find All Sorts of

Sports Fanatics

While there are no professional sports teams in the state, the love for college athletics is legendary. University of Kentucky is king for championship basketball, and the University of Louisville is a traditionally vigorous rival. Minor league baseball and hockey teams are also extremely popular, but it’s the Kentucky Derby that owns the title for most popular sporting event. Kentucky holds the attention of the world during the first weekend in May each year for the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” at Churchill Downs.


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