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We are licensed to perform local moves in New Jersey to relocate customers to any location in the continental United States, including Kansas.

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Benefits of Living in Kansas

So you're moving from New York to Kansas. Click your heels together, because in no time the Sunflower State will feel like home. There are a few unusual laws you should know in advance. Don't shoot a rabbit from a motorboat or catch a fish with your bare hands. Don't use a mule when hunting ducks. It's also illegal to squeal your tires when accelerating: this can carry a $500 fine and 30 days in prison. Don't worry...the people in Kansas are salt of the earth, and waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Here are some important things to know before you go.

Kansas has a Low Cost of Living

Kansas currently boasts a cost of living index at 83.1, well below the U.S. average of 100 and New York’s 120.5. You can afford a lot more house in Kansas than in New York, with a median home price of $137,700 instead of $305,400. Despite these low costs, Kansas residents bear a high tax burden, ranked eleventh highest in the state.

Kansas' Economic Outlook

Kansas ranks 40th in the nation for job growth, and 37th in the nation for unemployment. Despite this less than ideal economic outlook, there are a number of businesses headquartered in the state, offering the opportunity for future growth: Koch, Dillons, Synergy Group, Sprint, NPC International, AMC Theatres, and YRC Freight and Worldwide.

Kansas has Great People

Known as one of the most patriotic states in America, residents of Emporia, Kansas, observed the nation’s first Veteran’s Day. The state is home to Fort Riley, Fort Leavenworth, and McConnell Air Force Base. Politically, the state is solid and steadfast with its red GOP leanings, but still doesn’t make the top 10 list of most conservative states.

You'll Love the Delicious Barbecue

Kansas is yet another state claiming to have the best barbecue, and residents get feisty when they hear someone else say their state’s is better. What makes Kansas City-style barbecue special is slow smoking over a variety of wood species before being topped with thick sauce with a tomato and molasses base. The Great Lenexa Barbecue Battle brings top contenders from all around to show off their barbecue skills.

Cash in on Kansas Moving Incentives

If your move from New York includes a desire for small-town life, you might consider landing in the northern central Kansas towns of Lincoln (population 3,500) or Mankato (population 900). Both places are offering free plots of land to new residents who will commit to building a home. Of course this is a great deal, but you’d be moving to the middle of literally nowhere: the closest city, Salina, is 45 minutes away from Lincoln and 90 minutes from Mankato. Not to be outdone, Kansas’ capital city of Topeka is attempting to draw in more commuters and attract job applicants into the city from outside Kansas. An incentive of up to $16,000 is being offered to people who relocate there. The full amount requires a commitment to buy a house within one year, within one of three Jimmy John’s delivery areas in the city – sounds like a win/win!

Experience Wild Weather

With a location in the middle of the United States, Kansas typically experiences three different types of climate. The western portion faces hot summers and cold winters. The eastern portion has hot and humid summers and autumns. Southeastern Kansas has a subtropical climate with mild winters. The state experiences around 240 sunny days each year and four different seasons, with extreme temperatures sometimes occurring. As the center of the Tornado Alley, the combination of warm and cold air in the spring spurs around 60 tornadoes each year, some with destructive winds of at least an EF3 in strength. Dodge City is the windiest in America, with an average wind speed of nearly 15 miles per hour.

Kansas is Flat and Spread Out

Scientists have compared the flatness of Kansas to a pancake, ranking as the seventh flattest state in the country. There are some tiny hills, but if you like your landscape mountainous, you might be disappointed. Towns in Kansas are also extremely spread out, particularly in the western parts of the state. Be prepared for long drives with nothing but prairie and farms when you travel.

Kansas has Supportive Sports Fans

Kansas residents are so friendly, they cheer for their neighbors’ sports teams. When the NFL season starts up, you’ll find Kansans supporting the Kansas City Chiefs. They are aware that the team is located in Missouri, but Kansas is in the name! Same story for the Kansas City Royals. People in the Sunflower State are just that nice.

Kansas is Home to

Random Roadside Attractions

RV warriors, take note. Kansas is home to some crazy roadside attractions. Who hasn’t heard of the World’s Largest Ball of Twine? Stop by Cawker City, Kansas to take a look – that darn ball just continues to grow. A creepy visit to Hiawatha, Kansas will show you the strange gravesite of John Milburn Davis, who opted to spend all of his fortune on a series of ten graveside statues depicting himself and his wife at various stages of their lives. The geographical center of the U.S. can be visited for photographs at Lebanon, Kansas. And, of course, there’s something for the Wizard of Oz fans: visit Liberal, Kansas, for a tour of Dorothy’s House and some colorful recreations of the film.

Enjoy Unbeatable Sunsets

Most people chasing the ultimate sunset head to islands in Greece or Hawaii, or snow capped mountains in Finland, but never think to look in Kansas. Believe it or not, Flint Hills, Kansas was ranked as one of the seven most beautiful places to watch the sun set. Pictures don’t do it justice, but they also don’t lie – it’s a truly breathtaking sight.


White Glove’s Long Distance Price Lock Guarantee

White Glove is proud to be the only Long-Distance mover in New Jersey & New York to offer, “Long-Distance Price Lock.

This means the price we quote you before your move is always the price you pay after the move. 

No hidden fees, no circumstantial costs, no nickel or diming you for things you didn’t agree to. That’s one of the ways we make your moving day a White Glove experience. Learn more about other commitments we make to our customers.

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