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We are licensed to perform local moves in New Jersey to relocate customers to any location in the continental United States, including Washington.

White Glove is also happy to offer a flat price on your long distance move. Our prices are based on your inventory rather than charging based on factors like weight or cubic feet. This helps eliminate variable on the move day and gives our consumers complete control over your price and removes all surprises.

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Benefits of Living in Washington

Moving from New Jersey to Washington is a big undertaking. Your efforts will be rewarded, however, by the outdoor beauty and economic possibilities offered by The Evergreen State. With its distinct geographic and cultural regions, it is not difficult to find something of interest for every type of personality.

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The Big Picture

Archaeological evidence found in Washington has revealed human presence going back over 13,000 years. Until the late 18th century, the area was occupied by at least 125 tribes including the Chinook, Nez Perce and Palouse. Since the first European explorations in 1774, the state’s population has grown to over 7.6 million people. The Enabling Act of 1889 entered the territory of Washington into statehood with an area of 71,362 square miles.

The climate in Washington varies with its geography. The coastal region west of the Cascade mountains has mild winters and summers. The temperature seldom gets above 79 degrees in summer and rarely falls below 46 degrees in winter. These comfortable temperatures come at a price in the form of fog, rain and cloud cover. The annual snowfall averages 200 inches on the slopes of the western Cascades. This limits the yearly precipitation on the eastern side of the mountains to about 6 inches. Temperatures in the east typically range from 31 degrees in January to around 82 degrees in July.

Washington is

Good for Business

As of 2019, Washington’s economy was growing faster than that of any other state and had made its way to the 10th largest in the U.S. This boost is supported by a wide array of industries such as finance, healthcare and technology. Sources of production such as lumber, agriculture and manufacturing also serve the state’s vibrant economy. Washington consistently ranks as one of the wealthiest states, which helps keep its life expectancy above the national average and unemployment low.

Washington has developed a tech sector that is second only to Silicon Valley. It is the birthplace of Microsoft and the home to offices of Twitter, Facebook and Google. Seattle created more tech jobs than any other city between 2016 and 2017.

Find the Perfect

Place to Call Home

The average statewide housing cost in Washington would not be an accurate account of the vast regional differences of home and rental prices. The standard price for a house in Richland is $207,100 while rent comes in at $889 per month. The median home price in Seattle is $890,000 and the average rent per month is $2980.

The same variation is true of sales tax. While the state sales tax is 6.5 percent, the tax rate varies from county to county. Property tax is 1.03 percent, which ranks it at 29th in the U.S. The good news is the state of Washington has no personal income tax. Those who have done their time in the job market find the state’s no-tax policy on pension accounts and social security makes it a fiscally positive option for retirement.

Enjoy Washington's

Diverse Culture

Washington’s tolerant, liberal attitude is rooted in its wide mix of heritages. Its position as a Pacific port and resulting settlement by Scandinavians, Asians, and Hispanics, along with the indigenous Native American population, is the source of its diversity. This lends the state a paradoxical vibe of laid back with fierce independence.

The variety of industries and people in Washington makes for some educational and eclectic displays of history and art.

  • Museum of Flight: As a tribute to Washington’s long relationship with flight, this museum has a B-17 bomber, the world’s first fighter plane, and a model of the plane Amelia Earhart flew during her disappearance in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Pacific Science Center: Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, this attraction has ocean ecosystems, a planetarium and an interactive lab.
  • Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture: Affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute, this museum recognizes the people who have occupied the area with a large collection of artifacts and modern items.
  • Seattle Art Museum: The work of Pacific Northwest artists and exhibits from worldwide, ancient history make up the museum’s collection.

Oceans, Mountains and Rivers

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you have made the right choice in moving to Washington. From paddling the high seas to skiing some of the best slopes in the country, the list of things to do outside includes every activity imaginable.

The Pacific Coast

One of the most unique experiences the Pacific Northwest has to offer is sea kayaking around Washington’sSan Juan Islands. Killer whales inhabit the waters west of San Juan Island between May and October. Before you paddle among them, make sure your kayak doesn’t match the color of the Chinook salmon the whales have come to the region to hunt. Boat tours are also available for those without kayaking experience.

Head for the Mountains

Less than three hours from Seattle, the North Cascades National Park Service is home to some of the finest mountain hiking in North America. Hardcore climbers and hikers make year-round use of the wet, snow-covered park. Most visitors find the Cascades to be more accommodating during the months of June through September when the weather is relatively dry.

The abundance of mountains in Washington means skiing and snowboarding dominate winter activities. Mt. Baker Ski Area borders North Cascades National Park and, with a seasonal average of over 600 inches, has more snowfall than other resorts in the state.

Ride the Rapids

The proximity of mountains and ocean usually makes for rapidly flowing water between the two. A fun way to make the most of all that Washington rain is by rafting or kayaking one of the many rivers in the western part of the state. If it’s your first time, you won’t have to look hard for an outfitter to show you the way downstream.

A more unusual local aquatic activity is windsurfing. The Columbian River Gorge is a prime location for those looking to tame both wind and water. It also contains miles of hiking trails dotted with scenic waterfalls.

White Glove’s Long Distance Price Lock Guarantee

White Glove is proud to be the only Long-Distance mover in New Jersey & New York to offer, “Long-Distance Price Lock.

This means the price we quote you before your move is always the price you pay after the move. 

No hidden fees, no circumstantial costs, no nickel or diming you for things you didn’t agree to. That’s one of the ways we make your moving day a White Glove experience. Learn more about other commitments we make to our customers.

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