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The home of blues music, Mississippi is as Southern as it gets. It is a state full of rich history, delicious soul food, and hospitable locals. Go outside and you’re greeted by rich soil, rolling hills, and picturesque river valleys.

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Benefits of Living in Mississippi

While Mississippi may feel like a completely different world to an Easterner from New Jersey, there are many great reasons to move to the Magnolia state and put down your roots. Of course, any new adventure comes with some level of trepidation. Here is what you should know to ease the transition.


It’s the Most Affordable State

While New Jersey makes the top ten list as one of the most expensive states to live in the United States, Mississippi is the first place winner when it comes to being the most affordable. The median house value in the state is only $119,000, which is almost half the national median value of $217,5000.

Apart from housing, you can save money in almost every other aspect when living in Mississippi. With a cost of living index of 81.1, you can save money on groceries, transportation, utilities, and more. Residents pay up to 5% in state income tax income and 6.875% in sales tax. However, Mississippi offers a huge benefit to retirees as all types of retirement income are exempt from taxation.


There’s a Bit of Southern History Everywhere

Mississippi is a state full of history, with 40 National Historic Landmarks within its borders. Civil war sites, old-fashioned lighthouses, and Indian mound sites are widespread inside the state — making it a true history geek’s dream come true. Mississippi’s role in the American Civil War makes it a popular tourist attraction, including remaining battlefields like the Vicksburg National Military Park.


There Is No Escaping the Humidity

Like most Southern states, Mississippi is very humid and can reach a relative humidity percentage of about 93% during the summer. While New Jersey has its share of moisture in the air, it’s a tier below Mississippi. The Magnolia State is also much hotter, reaching above the 90s in the summer. The winters are short and mild, and snow is a rare occurrence. This can be quite the change if you’re used to all four seasons in a year. However, if you love warm temperatures, Mississippi is the place for you.


Religion Is Central To Mississippi Culture

Most people in Mississippi identify as highly religious. In fact, Mississippi ties with Alabama as the most religious state in the nation. Christianity, primarily Protestantism, is the most prominent religion, which makes up 83% of the adult population. Approximately 10% of people in Mississippi don’t practice any religion, and there are several strong communities that practice Buddhism and Judaism in the state.


You’ll Have To Try Catfish

Southern food and seafood reign supreme in Mississippi. Catfish is an especially popular dish, which isn’t surprising with how many catfish can be found floating in the Mississippi River. While you can find catfish barbecued, sauteed, baked, or cooked about any way you can imagine, breaded in cornmeal and fried until golden is the most common way you’ll find it served. Fried shrimp and crawfish are also top favorites in the area.

You’ll also get your share of soul food from local restaurants, including biscuits and gravy at any time of day, mounds of cornbread, and pie for dessert — with your choice of pecan, sweet potato, or mud. You’ll also be able to get yourself a po’boy sandwich, which is just as popular in Mississippi as it in Louisiana, but you may find tasty alterations, such as seafood instead of chicken for the main protein. In between meals, Cajun pecans and boiled peanuts are the main snacks of choice.


Fishing Is An Art Form

Whether you use a simple bait and line, prefer fly fishing, or go deep-sea fishing on a boat, Mississippi is a fisher’s haven. The fall is a popular time to fish in the Mississippi river since water levels are low.

Channel, flathead, and blue catfish are the most popular catch along the river, and they can reach massive sizes. Bass, Black Crappie, and Walleye are also common fish you can find in streams or Tunica Lake.

For saltwater fishing, the Gulf of Mexico is the ideal spot for catching about 200 different species of fish. You can also wade into the water or fish off the pier, but if you want to take a boat out into deeper waters, you can always use a charter boat if you don’t have your own.

With friendly people, filling food, and plenty of places to see, Mississippi has a lot to offer newcomers. Let us help you prepare for the big day by getting all your belongings safely to their new destination in the Magnolia State. Call us at 877-941-0568 or fill out our quote form online to learn more about our offerings.

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