Congratulations on your big decision to move to Michigan!

Considering a move from New Jersey to Michigan? It's normal to ponder what you're giving up and wonder what you'll gain. Both are northern, industrial states, and snow is no stranger to people who reside in either.

But, that's where the similarities end.

Michigan is home to hardy, outdoorsy innovators who are creative and enduring. You'll find friendly people and a can-do attitude that's rare in this day and age. Let's take a look at some of the other benefits of relocating to Michigan.

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Benefits of Living in Michigan

Although the distinctive, mitten-shaped state is known as the Great Lakes State, outsiders don't realize the extent of its waterways and beaches. Michigan has more than 3,000 miles of fresh water coast line, second only to Alaska.

Within just a short driving distance from the manufacturing centers of the Detroit area, you'll find culture, higher education, art, and burgeoning brewing and wine industries. A little further out toward central Michigan are the friendly small towns and farms that feed the state. The northern areas are home to thousands of acres of woods and wild life. When it comes to education, you'll find award-winning cities like Farmington and world-famous universities like U of M.

This diversity of industry and landscapes also provide many employment opportunities in a range of industries. The largest employer by far is in the automotive sector, but you'll find careers in education, tourism, and agriculture available throughout the state.

The weather is unpredictable. It can snow six inches one day and be sunny the next. Nature lovers will enjoy plenty of fall foliage, which peaks in October. If you're a fan of winter sports, ice hockey and snowmobiling are ways of life. Speaking of winter, the town of Frankenmuth really shines with Bavarian-tinged holiday splendor. In the spring and summer months, must-see sights for visitors and residents alike are the cherry trees of Traverse City or the Upper Peninsula area of Mackinac Island, where cars have been prohibited since the 1890s and cyclers rule.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the action from Big 10 college teams as well as professional hockey, basketball, baseball, and football.

History buffs won't feel left out in Michigan, either. The state was an important part of the northern trading industry, and it's right on the Canadian border. You can stand on the banks of the Detroit River or almost any of the Great Lakes' cities and practically wave at people in the great white north across the way. Kids will love to visit the Cranbrook Institutes of Science and Art, Greenfield Village - home of everything Thomas Edison - and the Henry Ford Museum. Make sure to visit the Motown Museum after you settle in.

Not quite convinced about your move to Michigan? Here are some other great points in its favor.


The Cost of Living is Much Better

The cost of housing in New Jersey is more than 800 percent higher than in Michigan, so you’ll get more home for the money right off the bat. The median home price in Michigan is about $53,000 compared to more than $480,000 in New Jersey. You’ll pay about 20 percent less each for groceries and utilities.

Transportation costs are 8 percent lower in Michigan. However, public transportation is not as good. There is no light rail system in Michigan yet, and buses are few and far between outside of major cities. However, the proximity to car manufacturing makes owning a car in Michigan less expensive than in most states.

Unfortunately. the state of public streets and highways leaves a lot to be desired. It’s one of the only bad things about living in Michigan. Outside of Flint or Detroit, the crime rate is relatively low across the state.


So is the Quality of Life

Even in heavily industrialized areas, the air and local waterways are clear and unpolluted. Michiganders take good care of their environment. The lower cost of living, access to health care, and outdoors lifestyle also lead to a better quality of life than you’ll find in many places. Add that to the arts scene, friendly people, and high-quality education, and you’ll agree that Michigan is a great place to live.

The Best of Michigan Cities

Normally, people picture Detroit when they think of Michigan. While Motown has had its fair share of issues, there’s a lot to celebrate as the Motor City moves toward reinventing itself in the 21st century. There’s a move toward revitalizing the downtown area, and entrepreneurs are bringing in new industries and opportunities every day.

However, Detroit is not the only place to live and work in Michigan. No matter your lifestyle or future goals, there’s something for everyone in the Great Lakes State. From the small town life and rural areas of central Michigan to the woods and waterways of the North or college towns like Ann Arbor, Michigan has it all.

Read on for an overview of some top Michigan cities and towns.

Grand Rapids

Another lake town, Grand Rapids is an outdoorsman’s dream. It offers easy access to Michigan’s Gold Coast with 100 miles of beaches, hiking spots, and wilderness areas. It isn’t just for lake lovers, though. New residents will find a vibrant art scene, galleries, shopping, and great schools. Grand Rapids was also voted the Best Beer City in America and features 30 breweries on its Beer City Ale Trail. All of these features offer many career and social opportunities.

Traverse City

Considered one of the best small towns in America, Traverse City is beautiful, progressive, and diverse. It’s situated in the Northern Michigan county of Grand Traverse and is the largest city of that region’s 21 counties. Whether you’re a lover of fine food and micro-brews or an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll find this beautiful town a warm and welcoming place to live.


Voted Michigan’s top city to live in for 2020, this is an option for people who want to live in an urban setting without actually living in Detroit. The population is highly educated and moderately affluent, with access to all of the great cultural and educational opportunities that come with living near a major American city, minus many of the drawbacks. Although the bulk of the residents are employed in the auto industry, Troy is also a college town that’s home to the campuses for several colleges and universities, including Northwestern.

Moving New Jersey to Michigan

Now that you’ve decided to move, you need a long-distance moving company to safely transfer your possessions. That’s where White Glove Movers comes in.

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