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Known for Mardi Gras, jazz music, and delicious seafood, Louisiana and New Orleans are often blended into one when outsiders think about the state. Like New Jersey, Louisiana’s unique culture developed due to its melting pot roots.

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Benefits of Living in Lousiana

If you’re looking to do more than stop by and visit one of Louisiana’s haunted hotels or historical sites and are planning to settle down in this beautiful Southern state, here is the lowdown on what you should know.


There’s Nothing Quite Like Louisiana Cuisine

With a heavy influence from Creole, Cajun, Spanish, French, and African culture, Louisiana serves food like nowhere else. Especially in the Southern parts of Louisiana, you’ll find high-class comfort Southern food, spicy Creole and Cajun dishes, and crawfish cooked to perfection.

If you’re a true foodie like most New Jerseyans, Louisiana will introduce your palate to flavors like nothing you’ve ever experienced. From hearty stews like gumbo and shrimp etouffee to Po’Boy sandwiches and crawfish boil, you’re sure to satisfy cravings you didn’t even know you had — just make sure you always have a napkin, or a bib, on hand. And always save room for beignets.


You’re Sure To Run Into a Gator

If you’re not a fan of reptiles, especially predatory ones that can get up to 15 feet long, it may be frightening the first time you come across an alligator in the wild (or possibly your backyard). However, with more than one million alligators living in Louisiana, which is about a quarter of the number of people, you’re likely to encounter one during your time living in the state.

Fortunately, alligator attacks are very rare, and Louisiana only has one possible recorded fatality. While seeing these reptiles in their natural habitat on a swamp tour can be a fun activity, to ensure the safety of both humans and alligators, Louisiana locals know to be cautious around bodies of water and to report nuisance alligators if they become an issue.


It’s Actually Affordable To Live There

While the cost of living in New Jersey is far above the national average, Louisiana is, overall, a very affordable place to live. The median home cost is $163,000 (compared to $335,600 in New Jersey). Other expenses, such as groceries, healthcare, and utilities, are more affordable than most states in the US as well. Of course, the exact location you’re moving to can affect how much you can expect to pay for daily living. When comparing the cost of living with quality, these five cities were ranked the best value:

  • Houma
  • Bossier City
  • Slidell
  • Baton Rouge
  • Lake Charles


You Can Get Away With Wearing Shorts All-Year Long

While Louisiana surely has its windy and rainy days, the temperatures are warm all year long. Summers hang around the high 80s to the low 90s, and you’ll rarely see a day lower than 60 degrees, even in the coldest winter months. Snow is a very rare occasion in Louisiana, so be prepared to trade your snow jacket in for a raincoat.

Speaking of rain, Louisiana, like New Jersey, has its share of major storms, which historically have had the ability to turn the state upside down. Tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are not foreign to the state, especially cities that sit along the coast. As a new resident of Louisiana, it’s important you take certain precautions, such as making your house storm ready, and pay attention to evacuation warnings.


You’ll Never Run Out of Things To Do

One thing that you’ll never experience living in Louisiana is boredom. There are limitless things to do all year round, from trying out a new restaurant in New Orleans to exploring one of many haunted or historical (is there a difference?) sites in the state. The National WWII Museum is a must-see spot, along with the USS Kidd. You’ll definitely want to dedicate several weekends to exploring all that the French Quarter has to offer.

Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival bring people in from all over the world, so there’s plenty of new faces to see. There are also many other activities available for people with outdoorsy hobbies, such as camping, hiking, hunting, trapping, or fishing.


There’s No Need to Rush

If you’re used to the hustle and bustle of New Jersey, you’ll be in for a loop getting used to the laid-back style of Louisiana. People are hardly in a hurry to go about their day and take time to enjoy the views and good times. While this doesn’t mean you should expect your boss to turn a blind eye if you’re late to work on the first day, you can let some of your stress melt away as you accept the Louisiana way of life.

At its core, Louisiana is a state that is concerned with having a good time — eating delicious food, listening to good music, and spending time with the people you hold dear. Historical streets and old songs are treasured rather than replaced by the new and trendy. Big business and high fashion are replaced with a simple lifestyle and a passion for soaking in anything that enriches the soul.  

If you’re ready to convert to an official Louisianan and try all the new experiences, foods, and events this state has to offer, our team of expert movers at White Glove Moving has your back. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to make your long-distance move from New Jersey to Louisiana as simple as possible. Get a quote online or call us at 201-653-1511 to start the process.

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White Glove is proud to be the only Long-Distance mover in New Jersey & New York to offer, “Long-Distance Price Lock.

This means the price we quote you before your move is always the price you pay after the move. 

No hidden fees, no circumstantial costs, no nickel or diming you for things you didn’t agree to. That’s one of the ways we make your moving day a White Glove experience. Learn more about other commitments we make to our customers.

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