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With plains and prairies that are the very image of the American West, the state of Kansas is the heart of the heartland. It offers a little slower pace of life, rich and lively culture, and some of the most affordable housing in the country.

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Benefits of Living in Kansas

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, the traffic and congestion, and the general busyness of the east coast, making a move to Kansas is the right call. Here's what you should know before moving to Kansas from New Jersey


The Cost of Living is Remarkably Low

The cost of living in Kansas is 21% lower than the national average. This is based on the median household earnings of $55,000 per year. These figures may seem too good to be true, but the conditions in Kansas make it possible to live well for less money.

Wichita and Topeka are the largest cities in Kansas, and there are less than a million residents between them. Smaller towns fill the rest of the state, which means there is relatively low demand for housing or anything else. This may sound like a downside, but it isn’t: a smaller population means lower prices. Depending on where you intend to live and work, housing prices can run as low as $12,000 for a detached single-family home.

The state also does a great job of producing food and manufactured goods for local consumption. Little needs to be shipped to the state, which reduces the need for the expense involved.


The Best Barbeque in the Country

Love for a particular kind of food or food dish is not usually the sort of thing that can drive someone to move to a different state. But if you have already made your decision to relocate to Kansas, you may as well know the treat that awaits you. If you are a lover of barbeque, Kansas has some of the best to be found anywhere. You will be hard-pressed to come across a bad barbeque joint no matter where you end up settling in the state.

If you move to the western part of the state, you should take a trip to Kansas City, Missouri. There you will find the world-famous Arthur Bryant’s on Brooklyn Avenue. This BBQ joint has been visited by Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Harry Truman. It is worth a day-trip.


A Place for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Colleges in Kansas like Wichita State University house excellent centers for entrepreneurship. Global brands such as White Castle and Pizza Hut got there start here. If you are moving to Kansas with the hope of starting a new business, you will have plenty of places to go for advice, encouragement, and a ready market. Whether you intend to establish a high-tech enterprise, a retail store, or a restaurant, you will find a thriving entrepreneurial spirit in the state.


The Country Club Scene

When one thinks of a country club, the image of old men and high fees come to mind. This is not the reality in Kansas. Joining a country club in Kansas is like joining a gym rather than an exclusive association for the wealthy. Many of the state’s clubs have affordable membership fees, which will enable you to enjoy swimming, tennis, and well-equipped fitness facilities. In many instances, the country club is the only place for fine dining in the area. If you are moving to one of the smaller towns in the state, taking out a membership in the nearest country club may be worth it.


Your Commuting Time Will Be Less

The distances between towns in Kansas are long. However, the traffic is much lighter than in New Jersey. Depending on where you live and where you need to get to each morning, the drive may take between 30 to 60 minutes. Even if you move to the Kansas City Metro Area—a large metropolis that encompasses parts of Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas—your average commute will be less than 25 minutes.

The best thing about commuting in Kansas is that you will nearly always be on the move. There is none of the frustrating congestion found in New Jersey. And most of the places you will need to go to can be reached in less than an hour.


A Strong Job Market

The agricultural industry is large in Kansas. But the state offers more than farm-related jobs. Transportation and trade are also leading industries. High-tech firms have sprung up in hubs around the universities and colleges in the state. The unemployment rate in Kansas is around 3% on average and the state ranks in the top 20 for jobs.

Because of the lower cost of living, you should expect to receive lower pay. Unless you are working for a national or international firm that has an office in Kansas, you should not expect the same wages and salary as you received in New Jersey. This also applies to professions such as law and medicine.

The Great Outdoors and Other Types of Fun

Wichita has over 30 museums, an excellent zoo, and a botanical garden. It is home to Tanganyika Wildlife Park, where you can feed the giraffes and pet the kangaroos. You can also enjoy the city’s annual film festival. But nowhere in Kansas will you find the number of museums, art galleries, theaters, and other high-culture venues that are within easy reach in New Jersey.

The state has other charms you should take advantage of.

Climbing in Rock City

If you are feeling limber and energetic, you can climb the sandstone boulders located in Rock City just outside Minneapolis, Kansas. These boulders are not that tall, which makes them perfect for novice climbers. If you have kids, it is a great place to turn them loose so that they can burn off energy.

Mountain Biking in Switchgrass

Switchgrass opened in 1995. It offers more than 20 miles of mountain bike trails, including a 2.5-mile loop for beginners. The route is well-maintained and offers something for mountain bikers at every level. Biking through this course is one of the best ways to see the Dakota Sandstone formations—a splendid geological landmark—up close.

Horseback Riding

If you have always wanted to ride a horse but never had the time or opportunity, this is your chance. Kansas is home to more than 300 miles of equestrian trails. Clinton State Park alone, in Lawrence, Kansas, has 35 miles of trails designated for horseback riding. The trail runs along the south shore of Clinton Lake and offers varying terrain. There is also Boulder Bluff Trail in El Dorado State Park which has 12 miles of track and is great for spotting wildlife. You can even take your horse in for a swim and a cool down.

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