Congratulations on your big decision to move to Hawaii!

Although Hawaii is quite expensive to reside in compared to New Jersey, some factors make the former more habitable. Hawaii may be famous for its tourist attraction sites, but it’s also a good place to visit, settle in, raise kids, and do business. If you prefer a tropical surrounding, this island state is worth considering. You’ll live within the unique Hawaiian Standard time zone and can choose among its four counties. Besides the fantastic weather, scenic ocean view, and low crime rates, Hawaii has a close-neat community.

Here is why you should move from New Jersey to Hawaii, the happiest state in the U.S.

Benefits of Settling in Hawaii

Amazing weather and surrounding

Hawaii features 10 out of the 14 sub climates across the world. So, in comparison to the other islands, Hawaii has an incredible environment to reside in depending on your needs.

The cool season experiences mean temperatures of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the summer season seldom reaches highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re going for a drier climate, the leeward side of the island will come in handy. The higher you go into the island, the colder it gets with the elevation. For a warmer feel, choose the coastal side.

With such comfortable weather, Hawaii is fit for a range of outdoor activities. Also, you can rest knowing the clothing cost for such weather is low since residents tend to dress down all year long.

Hawaii has a large metropolitan area in case you want to venture into business or commercial real estate. What’s more, the minimal number of industries gives Hawaii a low carbon footprint due to low pollution.

So, if you interest yourself in environmental conservation and protection, you’ll love the positive contribution of Hawaii. Also, the diversity of flora and fauna in the landscape is a thrill to explore.

A variety of outdoor activities

If you’re an outdoor person, then Hawaii has a range of recreational opportunities for you to try. The ocean surrounding offers a chance to try various water sports like:

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Skiing
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling

There’re plenty of exquisite locations to visit for travelers and diverse settings for residents to exploit.

Scenic beaches

Are you looking for a good time around your hometown? Hawaii houses various gorgeous beaches where you can relax with friends and family. For kids, you can build castles with the light white sand and play beach sports like volleyball. You will also enjoy the turquoise waters to relieve stress after a long day.

How about sitting at the beach to watch the soft waves that sweep towards your feet? You can also catch the sunrise and sunset on one of Hawaii’s beaches for the perfect day.

Health status

Hawaii records one of the highest average life expectancies in the U.S and falls at position 50 in the number of preventable fatalities like accidents. The state ranks 49th in death caused by cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Stroke also claims a few deaths with Hawaii appearing as the 45th American state.

The Hawaiian government invests heavily in the health care sector as it comes in position 10 in the total number of physicians. The state also has the highest number of dentists for every 100,000 people in the U.S.
Hawaii strives to achieve first-class universal health care and reduce substance abuse cases. You will find cutting-edge equipment and innovations in various medical institutions for unmatched service quality.


Hawaii has received global recognition through its various educational institutions and research capabilities. The University of Hawaii is renowned for its School for Travel Industry Management that positions the tourism sector at the top. The research efforts of Hawaii are evident in the East-West Center and the Japan-American Institute of Management Science.

Hawaii is one of the leading contributors to the national research efforts in ocean science, astronomy, and earth science.

Hawaii prides itself in an A-plus after-school program that allows students to acquire superior skills and knowledge. Through the state elementary and secondary school system, the Hawaiian government offers equal educational opportunities to the public. Unlike other states, Hawaii eliminates the dependence on taxes and revenue to fund public school education.

Rich culture

Hawaii is home to a variety of communities that create diverse cultures and heritages. Besides featuring the Pacific festivities, Hawaii also has American and Asian celebrations. Multiple zoos, monuments, and about 73 museums make up the tourist attraction sites.

You can visit the Hawaii Opera Theater to enjoy some of the world’s leading artistic works. For a diverse experience, the Honolulu Ballet and Honolulu Symphony are the places to be. Honolulu also houses around 12 theatrical groups that showcase awesome performances.

Various international entertainment groups explore the Hawaiian opportunities bringing along tourist artists and programs. Multiple international artists feature Hawaii in their tours for its energy and exemplary taste in music.

Hospitable people

Besides the all-round culture, Hawaii has a friendly population that thrives in the “aloha” spirit. As a new resident or visitor, the Hawaiians will welcome you wholeheartedly and want to know more about you.

Hawaiians live by a culture of forming stronger relations, so the people value family and friends more. Instead of the fast-paced life in most U.S states, Hawaii invests in creating a social surrounding for happiness and a good time. Although some residents prioritize their wealth status, most of the people do not focus on creating wealth.

Low crime rate

Whether you’re looking to settle in Hawaii or simply visiting, you should know it is one of the safest places to be in the U.S. Research featuring 20 largest cities in America saw Honolulu snatch the position of the third safest place.

So, you don’t have to worry about leaving your valuables to explore the landscape and partake in your interests.

Where to Live in Hawaii

The four counties in Hawaii have plenty to offer visitors, new residents, and the natives. Some of the places to look out for in Hawaii are:


Honolulu is the most populous in Hawaii and it comes with world-famous beaches along with diverse outdoor recreations. You will have the best nightlife in Hawaii and the sophisticated restaurants offer a range of dining options. There are a lot of social amenities in the area, with a wide supply of hospitals, housings, and schools.


If you want luxury, then the Kahala estate in Honolulu is the place to consider. You can opt for the Diamond Head area or go to Waikiki for a first-class life. Kahala is where celebrities, the rich, and personality influencers live.

If you want to make a reliable real estate investment, then Kahala is where you need to put your money.


Tourists cannot afford to miss out on the richest attraction point in Hawaii. Lahaina in Mau’i County is on the National Register of Historic Places, so it’s a viable destination for visitors.


For peace and tranquility, settle in Paia, Mau’i County. It houses the top surf shops in Hawaii and various art galleries to explore.


The Aloha State is famous for its championship golf courses and beautiful beaches. For the ultimate marine life and professional golf treatment, Wailea should be on your mind. The academic is excellent in Wailea, business developing, and the area is quite conservative.

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