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Long Distance Trailer

Thank you for your trust in White Glove Moving & Storage. All information contained herein is also contained on your order for service. The normal long distance order for service can be found by clicking HERE

Information Regarding Delivery Window

Your Order For Service will detail your delivery window. This delivery window will begin on your First Available Date (FAD) for delivery. Please note: you must be available the entire window for delivery. If an attempt to deliver is made within the specified window but declined, additional storage and re-delivery fees may apply.

  • First Available Date or FAD is defined as having possession of the home/location items are being delivered to and the client/authorized representative being present and able to receive delivery.

**Once your shipment is loaded, we will have more of an understanding of what part of the delivery window the delivery will actually take place and we will send you an email with an estimated time of arrival (ETA). Further, the driver will contact you the day prior to his arrival so as to advise you of the specific delivery date and time frame (5 hour range).

  • Please note; business days are calculated as Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays (although delivery may occur 7 days/week), and it is important that you be available continually throughout the above specified delivery window.

Cancellations/date changes: **Changes to the delivery window may result in re-delivery costs as well as additional storage cost. Changes need to be made in writing 5 business days prior to listed First Available Date above.

Trailer Access and Shuttle Fees

All long distance deliveries will be performed with a tractor-trailer. If there is no access for a tractor-trailer, a smaller truck needs to be rented in order to shuttle the items from the trailer to your home/delivery location.

  • We at White Glove do everything in our power to prevent using a shuttle, but occasionally it is necessary. There is no way to guarantee trailer access even if your delivery location, building or management company tells you it will not be a problem or that they’ve seen other tractor-trailers maneuver with no issues. We always leave the final decision up to our professional experienced drivers. The driver will assess and advise if they are able to safely maneuver a tractor-trailer in order to deliver your items.
  • Should a shuttle be needed for your delivery, the process of renting a truck and shuttling the items may extend the time needed that day for your delivery. Though we never like to inconvenience our customers, it is important that you remain available through the entire process of the delivery even if there may be a wait time of a few hours. 
  • Shuttle fees are based on the size of your shipment. Charges are detailed on your order for service. If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing accounting@whiteglovemoving.us or by calling 201-705-1991


***Payment is due prior to unloading at first delivery location. We accept the following forms of payment; Certified/Cashier’s Check, Money order, Cash, Any Major credit card. NOTE: Our balances typically do not include Shuttle Charges. If one was included, it will have been written in your Order For Service and detailed on the invoice sent over. 

Payment by credit card can be made by clicking HERE.

Other Delivery Information

Certificate of insurance: If your delivery address requires a certificate of insurance, please click here to submit a request for one to be completed. You may also email accounting@whiteglovemoving.us  or call 201-705-1974(failure to advise may result in delivery interruptions to which could result in additional costs).

Weekend Deliveries: Please check with your building to confirm they will allow moves in on the weekend.  (failure to advise may result in delivery interruptions to which could result in additional costs). Please advise to accounting@whiteglovemoving.us or by calling 201-705-1991

Hour Restrictions: Please check with your building to find out if they have any restrictions by means of time of day we are allowed to deliver. If there are any restrictions, please advise toaccounting@whiteglovemoving.us or by calling 201-705-1991

As always, we sincerely value your business, and should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (201) 653-1511 EXT# 6 (Mon-Fri, 11am – 8pm EST).

Thank you for choosing White Glove Moving & Storage, we value your business.

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