Long Distance Form / Declare First Available Date for delivery

In order to initiate a long distance delivery, you must set up your First Available Date (FAD). Delivery can occur as early as your FAD so it is important to make sure you are available and have possession of the delivery address to avoid re-delivery or storage fees. Your order for service details how many business days your delivery window is and delivery can occur up to that many business days after your FAD. Chances of shipment arriving on your FAD, last day of window, or any day in between are equal.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 201-705-1431 or via email to documents@whiteglovemoving.us

You may also use the live chat feature by clicking the button on the bottom right of the page for any questions you may have. 

Please complete the form below to declare your first available date for delivery. Please review your Order For Service for all terms and conditions.

Important Notice: Failure to complete this form will result in delivery delays/possible storage fees, please make certain you fill this form out properly and to its entirety.